She sat in the sunlit, warm office, staring into space, wishing she could be with her family. Good Friday. A holiday for many others including her husband and oldest daughter. She thought about the importance of Good Friday, and the dramatic gift that Jesus had given on the very first Good Friday. She wished that she felt more into the spirit of the day. She thought of Liberty, remembering her baby’s struggle to cling to her shoulder this morning at the babysitter’s house and smiling with bittersweet feelings at the cat-like actions in her memory. Thankfulness flooded her heart when her mind rested on the knowledge that the babysitter was a Godly lady who loved Liberty and would only do what was best for her, along with a pang of sadness that accompanied her wish to be with her baby.

She unbuttoned her too-tight jeans and sighed with relief as her pregnant belly escaped its denim prison.

She thought of the lunch that she had chosen not to pack at home and wondered where she should go for lunch. The idea of McDonald’s repulsed her overly sensitive taste buds, as did Taco Johns, Subway, Smokey Row. Arby’s sparked a slight interest, but a mental review of the menu gave pause. What would she even want?

Tomorrow is Kimmie’s two-year anniversary with us! She remembered for the twelfth time that week, once again pondering what special things could be done to honor the day. She already knew what Kimmie would say if asked. “Pizza and a movie.” But those items seemed too low-key to mark such an incredible occasion. She thought of a cake and ice cream, but those, too, did not seem important enough. We need to do something SPECIAL.

But what?

Having encountered the same dead-end thoughts several times that week, she chose to focus on something else. What am I going to have for lunch? Her stomach began to make its hunger known, and she mentally reviewed Arby’s menu again, then Smokey Row’s, avoiding--even mentally--the BLT at Smokey Row. She pulled up the Smokey Row menu online and was surprised to discover several new items had been added.

As she perused the newly added food descriptions, a bell jingled above the front office entrance. She quickly jumped from her chair and buttoned her jeans, calling cheerfully, “Hello!” to whomever had just arrived. She stepped from her office and joyfully recognized the faces of her husband and oldest daughter!

“Have you had lunch yet?” her husband inquired after scooping her into a giant bear-hug. Her growling stomach answered for her. “Surprise!” he pulled a wrinkled paper bag from behind his back.

She knew without a question that it held a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit from Hardee’s, and smiled to herself at all of the memories she and her husband associated with that. “Aaahh! Thank you!” she squealed and hugged him again, thankful inwardly too, to realize that the thought of Hardee’s did not turn her stomach.

She bit into the room-temperature biscuit and told God, “Thank You for such a wonderful family!” Amazing what a difference in outlook had just transpired. She felt ready to dwell on thankful Good Friday thoughts now.
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  1. What a special man! My husband delivers me sweet tea (often) and it makes my Day! Hope your Easter was blessed!

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