As I mentioned in the Town Plague post, Fifth Disease is going around, and it could have serious, even fatal side-effects for an unborn baby. You'd think the below zero temps would freeze those germs out, but no, they are alive and well. Instead, we are the only ones being frozen to death.

Craig and Kathy's daughter, Sammi, has Fifths; Liberty has had something resembling a bad cold for a week and a half and can't seem to shake it, and now I have the scratchy throat, congestion, achy body and sore joints that could indicate the beginning of Fifth Disease.

I've been wondering if I should call my doctor to see if there is some kind of preventative measure that I could take for my baby, so I googled, "What is the difference between a cold and Fifth Disease?"

It gave me this link which made me laugh and nod vigorously in agreement.

And I feel better about it all, now! :-)

(Besides, Kathy just brought me some Spiced Chai Tea from Smokey Row, and it has warmed the "cockles of my heart;" a phrase which Kathy and I just googled and giggled about.)
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