I just finished drinking that nasty sugar drink for my pregnancy glucose test, and I'm very hyper. My fingers are typing 5,280 words per minute (which also happens to be the number of feet in a mile, in case you were wondering why that number sounded familiar). Although, if that number did sound familiar to you, that would mean that you were extremely geeky during grade school. Either that, or you had a photographic memory and couldn't stop yourself from learning. Whew, and the above paragraph, boys and girls, is why Missy should never drink sugar.

Our first ultrasound is this afternoon at 1:45. We find out if the baby is a boy or girl, and I'm very excited. Jeremy is supposed to meet me in fifteen minutes and we'll drive a few blocks away to the doctor together, but I just called him at home, and it's raining. Sometimes his truck won't start when it rains. I really, really hope his truck starts today. I want him to be there for this!

Excuse me while I do some jumping jacks and run laps around the office.
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