I had my first baby-doctor appointment on Friday. A few snags along the way made it interesting, such as I thought the appointment would last about 30 minutes, and I told Craig I'd be right back in the office. The appointment actually took two and a half hours, and I couldn't get any cell phone coverage while in the building. Then, when I FINALLY left the building, my cell battery had died, making it still impossible to call work and inform them of my whereabouts.

Also, Jeremy was supposed to meet me 15 minutes prior to my appointment so that we could arrive together, but instead, he overslept. Thankfully, my lovely nurse offered to let me use her cell phone to call Jeremy and give him directions to my invasion room.

I mean my interrogation room.

No, that's not right either. Hmm, what are those little rooms called?

Ironically, they drew four vials of blood THEN gave me a flu shot. Just logically speaking, don't you think a person would need all of their blood to help fight off a flu infection? I'm not a doctor, so I'm just wondering.

Over the weekend, I became DREADFULLY, DEATHLY ILL with the flu. Go figure. Thankfully, Jeremy and Kimmie did a great job taking care of me. Oh, and of Liberty.

I have a very nice family. :-)
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  1. DeAnn Says:

    I like to call those little doctor room "waiting rooms" because that's what I do in them...wait...wait...wait!
    Last time I got a flu shot, I ended up catching strep throat!!! i'm a rebel and skipped mine this year.

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