Yesterday afternoon, I drove to Osky about 20 minutes away to return some faulty PS2 games that Kimmie had purchased with her Christmas money. The benevolently smiling sun and perfectly blue skies attempted to hide the fact that it was only FOUR DEGREES outside my new van.

(I'm struggling to name the van because I haven't bonded with it yet. Jenny, Carrie and Cindy Lou told me their names when I first met them, but this van is giving me the silent treatment. I'm not sure if it's shy or aloof.)

Snowy fields reflected the sunshine. Rolling hills hid large farmhouses from view until the last second. I began playing a one-sided game of hide and seek with the houses, and ended up analyzing their personalities as I passed them. Some rambled in various directions, haphazard homes with a laid back, welcoming air about them. Others stood ramrod straight, windows marching in orderly lines across the front. Some sagged dejectedly with stubborn shutters clinging precariously. I wondered what stories they could tell of happier, family-full times.

On the way home, I assigned myself a reconnaissance mission. We have been invited to a party on Friday, to a home that we have never visited before, and I needed to scope out the lay of the land so that we could find the house with minimal losses on the day of the party. I found the road leading off the main road into the country, so I believe we can make it safely there. However, the directions I have been given show many twists and turns after the road that I found, so we may have a great adventure yet.

Speaking of adventures, tonight is CAUCUS night! I've never caucused before, and I am excited about it. The meeting place is in a small town fifteen minutes away, and I have never been there before. I mapquested it this morning. It looks easy to get to, but I'm a little iffy on the first turn. I hope we get there in time!
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