We had the best time last night, trying to caucus.

Two weeks ago, I looked up the caucus location on the Internet. The Internet told me that for my district, I needed to go to the local high school. I read that information, relieved that I wouldn't have to drive so far. The high school is only a mile or two from our house. Then a friend of mine told me that the caucus would be held at the middle school instead. I knew that I would need to drive 15 - 20 minutes away to a town that I had previously never been to, so I mapquested directions to the middle school.

I rushed home after work and quickly threw a casserole together for supper. Liberty and I then rushed out of the house to pick up Kimmie from cheerleading practice in another town 15 minutes in the opposite direction, making my total trip to the caucus about a 40 - 45 minute drive. We were late leaving her school, so I sped down the highway, knowing that the caucus doors were supposed to close at exactly 7:00 PM. In my mind, I imagined being stopped by a police officer for speeding and begging him to escort me in my hurry to the caucus, but that situation never presented itself.

My printed directions informed me that I needed to make a right off of the dark rural highway at some point, onto a small dirt road. I braked at every turn-off, and at one point even backed up on the highway to revisit a missed road, straining to read the tiny street names printed on the small green road signs. Eventually, we found the right road, and we followed the rest of the directions to...the school's bus garage.

Yes, that's right. I had mapquested directions to the middle school bus garage. Because I'm brilliant like that.

So I parked the car on the side of the road and rang the doorbell of a nearby house. A man answered the door and amidst the raucous barking of his dogs, gave me directions to the actual middle school.

Once at the school, we found parked cars filling the lot and wrapping around the perimeter of the nearest two blocks. I pulled into the lot and found a narrow spot in a line of parallel(ly?) parked vehicles. I nosed the new van in and decided to leave it like that. The only non-parallel(ly?) parked vehicle on the lot. Call me a rebel.

Knowing that the doors were supposed to be closed at 7:00, and it was already 7:15, Kimmie, Liberty and I ran into the school building where we found the entrance manned by five four year olds and one eight year old. The eight year old manfully questioned, "Which party are you with?" Now, I'm registered Independent, but I have decided to vote for Mike Huckabee, Republican, so I told him, "Republican."

"Just down the hall through those double doors into the cafeteria," he pointed. Then he continued his game of tag with the younger children. I smiled, enjoying the innocence and small town typical-ness of this scenario before I headed towards the crowd of people standing in the large room at the end of the hall.

Once there, I quickly found out that my district was meeting at the high school, not the middle school! The high school, if you remember, is located IN MY TOWN, NEAR MY HOUSE, AND I KNOW WHERE IT IS. Kimmie and I looked at each other and sighed. Then we raced back to the van with Liberty gleefully giggling all the way there. She loves for me to run while I'm carrying her. I slid on a large patch of ice just before reaching the van, and she thought that was the greatest way to end our run.

Kimmie and I laughed and joked about our adventure all the way to the high school, 15 minutes BACK to our town. We pulled into the high school parking lot and swirled the van around on some more ice. Knowing that there would be no parking spots left, I pulled onto the sidewalk directly at the front door. I planned on being the last one in, and the first one out. But my plan was not to be.

I had not even turned off my engine or headlights when people began pouring out of the building. Kimmie snorted, "Look! It's over! We're too late!" and then dissolved into helpless laughter. I joined her merriment, thinking of the ridiculousness of our frantic last hour of travel and how useless it had been.

Really, you should have been there. We were so frantic while trying to get there on time, and backtracking on dark roads, and sliding on ice, and ringing strange doorbells, all in our quest for patriotic freedom.

Some people go to Iraq; some people try to caucus!
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