We just spent a weekend at my parent's house with all but one of my brothers and sisters and their spouses and dogs and children and toys and clothes and STUFF. And, oh my, it was FUN!!!!!

And way too short.

We arrived at home around midnight last night, tossed everything from the new van into the house and crashed in bed. I am *really* looking forward to going home after work today and cleaning it all up. (She typed sarcastically.)

On the way home last night, Jeremy and I kept each other awake and entertained by mentally designing our basement. We're planning to rent an excavator and dig out a spot for our new French doors in our new walk-out basement. When we finished the basement we decided to build a sun porch, complete with hot tub and play area for the kids...since money is no object, you know.

Our imaginary construction company reminded me of all the times when my mom and I would play "Dream House" together while I was growing up. She and I would hang out in the living room, Mom sipping a steamy cup of coffee and me dangling an open book in one hand. We dreamed aloud, she and I, and together designed and decorated beautiful mansions and cozy cottages, beach houses and farm houses. Dreaming together with Jeremy last night took me back to those days of laziness and laughter, safety and warmth. And of course, the smell of strong, black coffee.
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