Many, many things have been happening in our lives, but for some reason, I've had a loss of words to describe them. They are easy to describe. Why can't I write?

In November, we found out that we are having another baby! Yay for us! Unfortunately, this has supremely increased my already incredible nostril powers, and I can now smell everything in the entire world. In fact, the sweater that I am wearing right now is emitting a faint odor of kitty litter. We do not have a cat, and I have not worn this sweater to anyone's house that has a cat. Yet I smell kitty litter. Where is it coming from?

I just took the sweater off and sniffed it thoroughly. The smell is not coming from the sweater. Where is that cat! I'm at the office right now. No cats here. I believe my nose is leading me to insanity. Maybe I am smelling a cat who lives three blocks away. Yes, that is probably it.

Moving on.

Last night, we purchased a minivan. A minivan. We are officially old.

It was pretty incredible to see how God worked all of this out. We knew that Jenny would not be able to hold another car seat, so we stopped off at a dealership on Saturday to casually check out larger vehicles. A salesman named Rich talked with us about our needs, and we informed him that we owe more on Jenny than her blue book value so trading in would add about $4,000 to the price of any vehicle we chose to purchase. In addition, because of the new baby, we were actually looking for LOWER monthly payments than we already had. He absorbed all of our information and then offered us a test drive in a hideously ugly van that had NONE of the features we requested and payments that were almost double our current payments. We kissed him goodbye rather quickly and drove out of the dealership with him hanging on our bumper, begging us to stay.

On Monday, Christmas eve, he called my cell phone and invited us back to the dealership because he thought he had found the perfect vehicle for us. I hung up.

On Wednesday, he called my cell phone again. I gave him Jeremy's number because I'm sneaky like that. Jeremy told him in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS exactly what we were looking for and exactly what price we needed our payments to be. Rich hung up.

On Thursday, Rich called Jeremy and described the minivan that he had picked out for us. The payments were five dollars higher than our goal. Jeremy decided that we would go look at the van that evening. When we arrived at the dealership, we looked at all of the white minivans in the lineup, trying to guess which one Rich had chosen for us. We both picked the same one, and hoped that it was THE ONE because we liked the looks of it better than the others. We found Rich, and he took us straight to our chosen one for a test drive.

Long story short, we bought it. The payments are drastically lower than what we've been paying for Jenny. The mileage is lower than Jenny's. The inside is bigger than Jenny. All around, the van is much better for our family than Jenny.

And I'm thankful.

But I really miss Jenny.