My friend sent me this link to the 2008 Presidential Candidate Calculator. (Thanks, Kristin!)

It asks you a series of questions and gives these instructions: Mark the column for Yes if you support the issue and No if you oppose it. After that, select how important the topic is to you. If you are unsure or have no opinion on a topic, just mark the Unsure column. You will be scored based upon how well you match the current views of each of the 2008 presidential candidates. The calculator also supplies a description of each topic for your convenience.

My top candidates turned out to be:

1. Mike Huckabee - 87.10% match
2. Mitt Romney - 87.10% match
3. Fred Thompson - 83.87% match
4. Sam Brownback - 80.65% match

I am now off to do some more research on these particular candidates. Hey, call me a nerd, but at least I'm a patriotic nerd! :-)
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Missy,
    Check out Ron Paul too. He really wants to bring our government back in line with the constitution. He's a really cool guy. My parents went to a rally for him at Independence Hall in Philadelphia and my Dad was shouting "Freedom!" like Mel Gibson in the Patriot. :)


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