Liberty and I have invented a game that we call Ferris Wheel. I lie down on my back on the floor. She crawls over to my feet and plops her little rear down on top of them. Then I hold her hands and slowly raise my feet together into the air until they are level with my knees. I gently bounce her up and down a few times while she squeals in delight. Then I hold onto her waist and lift my legs into the air until she is upside down and vertical. My arms take over from there, supporting her head and back while I place her onto the floor behind my head. In this way, she does a complete flip in the air while passing over the full length of my body.

We did this several times a few days ago, and later that day I wondered why my stomach, chest and arm muscles were so sore. It took me a while to figure out the reason, but now I know that I can workout and have fun with Liberty at the same time. It's great!
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