Kimmie and I had a garage sale on Friday and Saturday. She felt very grown up and responsible because she got to run it alone on Friday. (Jeremy was inside sleeping and could be questioned if necessary, but she only woke him up twice. He told me that she did such an awesome job with the customers that she could very easily do a great job in sales someday.) We made lots of money on Friday, but in the pouring rain on Saturday we only made $4.00. A friend of mine is having a garage sale in two weeks, so we're going to combine our leftover stuff with hers and make another fun day together out of it at her house. This time, hopefully, we'll sell the rest!

Libby had a doctor's appointment on her 10 month birthday. (It was supposed to be her nine month checkup, but I procrastinated horribly.) She now weighs 13 pounds, 11 ounces, and she is 23 inches long. Her weight is still not on the growth chart, but her height is in the 3rd percentile! Yay! She finally made it onto the chart!!! Her head circumference is in the 15th percentile. Our doctor was a little concerned about whether her mental growth could be behind, so he asked me a LOT of questions about her current capabilities. He also examined her very closely and had her do a lot of things, and he decided that she is completely normal and even slightly above in certain areas of development. It is just her body that is tiny. He doesn't expect her to ever catch up physically to other kids her age. He thinks that she will always be a smaller person. (Which is fine with me, I won't have to buff up my arm muscles in order to lift her.)

She has so much personality now! I really enjoy being around her. She gives kisses, and she claps whenever she hears one of us say "yay" even if the "yay" is not directed at her. She likes to make others laugh, so she has this one face that we call her scrunchy face. She crinkles her nose and eyes up and purses her lips and breathes in and out through her nose very rapidly. It is very cute, and of course, everyone around her laughs. Then she looks at everyone with a big grin. She stands on her own now, and she tries to walk. She can't walk by herself yet, so she insists on grabbing our fingers and taking off across the room. She LOVES walking. She also loves to cuddle. It's really funny when we are at home, because wherever I am, she wants to be there too. If I am in the kitchen cooking, she is under my feet, trying to climb up my legs. If I am walking around the house doing various chores, she will crawl along behind me. Usually by the time she gets to where I am, I am finished being there, so she has to turn around and catch me in another spot. She gets frustrated with that, especially if I am not paying enough attention to her. So I try to take a minute to stop and play with her when my path crosses hers as we come and go from room to room.

Kimmie is going to North Carolina for a week to visit family. She's leaving this Tuesday and will come back next Tuesday. This will be her first plane trip on her own, so I'm anxious to see how it goes for her. She has one layover where she will need to change planes, and I have printed out a map of that terminal, so that she can know where she is and how to get to where she needs to be. She is SO EXCITED for this visit, and I am really excited for her. She has plans to visit old friends and meet up with relatives and see the BEACH. I am just imagining all of the fun this will be, and I can't wait for her to come home and tell me all of her adventurous stories.

Jeremy had an interview at his current workplace for a job that he has been wanting for a while. They have a few more candidates to interview, and we are waiting to hear what their final decision will be. Jeremy also recently had a phone interview with a job in Texas, and this Friday, they are flying him down there for a second interview. His dad lives in the area, and has already set up an appointment on Saturday morning with a real estate agent to look at possible houses. On Saturday afternoon, Jeremy is meeting with a school administrator to discuss Kimmie's possible enrollment there. We do not even know yet, if we will be offered that job, but we are preparing our fields for rain (that was a Facing the Giants reference, if you didn't catch it), and we are willing to do whatever God wants. If He wants us to stay here, we will stay here happily because we love it here. If He wants us to move to Texas, we will move happily because God has wonderful unknown plans in store for us there. We just need to know for sure where God wants us.

My friend Melody came to visit me last week, and we had such wonderful adventures together, many laughs and incredible talks. Oh, I miss her! We saw "Much Ado about Nothing" on the lawn outside of an old mansion, and the cicadas were out en masse. A few of them landed on the stage and frightened one of the actors, which was quite funny to me. :-) We explored our small town from top to bottom, and we decided on the spur of the moment to make a quilt. Neither of us have ever quilted before, but we bought the fabric, and discussed buying a pattern. In the end, we tossed the idea of the pattern and decided to make our own. (Melody ended up making the pattern herself, really. I just gave suggestions and approved her design, and it was so much fun!) We sewed the center square of the quilt together, and whenever Mel finishes it, she is going to email me the pictures. Oh! Speaking of emailing me pictures! She hasn't emailed me the pictures of our week together yet. I just realized that. We drank hot peppermint tea with honey each night and read books to each other. We started the first of the Sisterchicks series, but we didn't finish it. (I read it several years ago, so Melody took it home with her to finish on her own.)

Jeremy and I had our four year anniversary a couple weeks ago. He surprised me by kidnapping me and taking me to the Hilton Garden Inn where we had a suite of rooms with a jaccuzi. Kimmie babysat Liberty while we honeymooned again. It was very wonderful and relaxing!

Hope you're caught up, now! Summer is awesome! :-)
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    Yeah! I'm so happy to see you blog again! Must be garage sale season, we're having one this weekend.

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