After my horrific experience with book three in the Grace Chapel Inn Series, I hesitated to open book four. More than anything else, I wanted the fourth epistle to return me to pleasant times and gently flowing stories, and I was afraid that reading it might crush my tentatively outstretched hopes forever. (Now does that sound dramatic or what? :-)

The first two pages filled me with relief, and I read the entire book last night. Kimmie laughed at me when after the second chapter, I hugged the book and pronounced, "I LOVE THIS BOOK!" Oh, I am so thankful for Melody Carlson (who was also the author of the first book in the series, so it makes sense that I would love the fourth book).

In other news, Dr. V. checked Liberty's ears with a machine, and he said that she had fluid behind her ear drums. Since there is not a whole lot that we can do to get rid of it, he told me to keep a sharp eye on her and to bring her back in a month for another ear exam. Eventually, we may need to put tubes in her ears, but right now, he is hoping it will dry up on its own.

Please pray for that.
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  1. Have you ever used a chiropractor to treat ear infections? I know some people are very resistant to that idea, but if you can find a good chiropractor that deals with children, I'd highly advise it. My sis takes her kids to the chiropractor for any ear ache, fever, etc. before she goes to a doctor (except sore throats...) Just a suggestion to check out if you want to. It may save you money and medicine!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hey Missy. We had to put tubes in Kelly's ears because of all the ear infections she was getting. She is now a happy little girl who likes to get around quickly. Both my nephew and neice had to get the tubes also. talk to you later. liz
    p.s. tell me about the dream.

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