It's football time again!!! Tonight is the high school's first game of the season, and Jeremy took off work to join Liberty and I as we watch Kimmie cheer on the players. Oh, I can't wait!

Football has got to be my favorite sport. I love the passes and the tackles and the full-speed treks down field. I love the excitement and the cheering crowds, the crisp weather, and the blankets and jackets and game food.
After my horrific experience with book three in the Grace Chapel Inn Series, I hesitated to open book four. More than anything else, I wanted the fourth epistle to return me to pleasant times and gently flowing stories, and I was afraid that reading it might crush my tentatively outstretched hopes forever. (Now does that sound dramatic or what? :-)

The first two pages filled me with relief, and I read the entire book last night. Kimmie laughed at me when after the second chapter, I hugged the book and pronounced, "I LOVE THIS BOOK!" Oh, I am so thankful for Melody Carlson (who was also the author of the first book in the series, so it makes sense that I would love the fourth book).

In other news, Dr. V. checked Liberty's ears with a machine, and he said that she had fluid behind her ear drums. Since there is not a whole lot that we can do to get rid of it, he told me to keep a sharp eye on her and to bring her back in a month for another ear exam. Eventually, we may need to put tubes in her ears, but right now, he is hoping it will dry up on its own.

Please pray for that.
Kimmie and I visited the library yesterday. My librarian friend and I started up a conversation, and she ended up recommending a series of books to me, called the Grace Chapel Inn Series. I read the first book and was immediately hooked. The story centers on three sisters between the ages of 50 - 65 who love and support each other and get along well (other than disagreeing on how to decorate the inn, and even that is resolved with ease). They start up a Bed and Breakfast in a tiny town called Acorn Hill filled with quirky, lovable characters. The book meandered through it's story line, pointing out wonderful qualities and marring flaws in each resident of the town, including the three heroines. Each person was described in a normal looking way, not overly beautiful, or overly ugly. Not exceedingly handsome or fat or scrawny. They were normal people (which is hard to find in most fiction.) I LOVED THE BOOK, and immediately returned to the library for the next three books in the series. The second book filled me with peaceful joy, just as the first one, but last night I began the third book. Each book has a different author, and I believe this author must not have read the two previous books before scribbling her own. This author, Judy Baer, crashes through the town creating drama where none previously existed. She describes the two older sisters as uptight and mean, while the youngest sister longs for her old life in San Fransisco and wonders if she will ever fit in with her sisters or the town. All of the lovable townspeople have ugly dispositions and no redeeming qualities. The youngest sister is devastatingly beautiful with the body of a teenager, and the two men (suddenly) in her life are incredibly handsome. The townsfolk, in addition to their radical personality changes, are also either fat or scrawny or ugly in some way. The youngest sister is not only beautiful and misunderstood, she is also angelically good to everyone around her. She rescues a homeless man, a stroke victim, and a small child as well as saving the inn from financial ruin, while cooking superb chef-style meals, growing award winning garden flowers, starting her own side business of designing and selling jewelry, and unraveling the mystery of her dead mother.

I read the first 20 pages or so with growing dismay and forced myself to read the next 50 pages. Finally, Kimmie asked me why I continued torturing myself (and her, since I kept exclaiming over how Judy Baer has ruined the town). I have never, EVER, in my entire life quit on a book. Even when I hate them, I have to read through to the end to see if somehow the author can redeem him or herself. I hate to put a book down in relief that the writing is finally over, but this book was so horrible in comparison with the first two, that I wanted to cry. I finally decided to skip to the end and read the last 30 pages. Of course Judy's version of good triumphed over Judy's version of evil, and the youngest sister learned to smile at people who hated her and turn to God for help in trouble (which I am definitely NOT knocking), but the book left me with sadness for the older sisters and town residents who could do nothing to defend themselves against the slander on their characters created by Judy Baer.

I plan to begin the fourth book in the series tonight, and I frantically hope that the fourth author has read the first two books and has chosen to stick to them.
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A week and a half ago, Liberty had Rosiola and the beginning of an ear infection. Her doctor prescribed the Bubble Gum Medicine! (Amoxicillin), and told us to come in for a follow-up visit when the bottle was empty. So Libby has an appointment today, and I'm very glad for it. She has been pulling at her ears for a couple days now, and yesterday, she couldn't seem to keep her balance, even when she was just sitting or crawling. This morning, I noticed quite a bit of drainage in her nose and throat. I'm hoping it is nothing, but I'm thankful that our doctor will be checking her out.
Liberty and I have invented a game that we call Ferris Wheel. I lie down on my back on the floor. She crawls over to my feet and plops her little rear down on top of them. Then I hold her hands and slowly raise my feet together into the air until they are level with my knees. I gently bounce her up and down a few times while she squeals in delight. Then I hold onto her waist and lift my legs into the air until she is upside down and vertical. My arms take over from there, supporting her head and back while I place her onto the floor behind my head. In this way, she does a complete flip in the air while passing over the full length of my body.

We did this several times a few days ago, and later that day I wondered why my stomach, chest and arm muscles were so sore. It took me a while to figure out the reason, but now I know that I can workout and have fun with Liberty at the same time. It's great!
Friday night, Jeremy took me out on a surprise date.

We ate at a restaurant that we had never tried before and split a meal and a dessert, and oh my goodness was it ever good! We plan to return often. We then headed to the cinema to watch (finally) Bourne Ultimatum where the constantly moving camera always leaves me feeling slightly ill. Afterwards, we discussed many aspects of our lives, and made decisions that we have been putting off for a long time.

When we arrived at home, both of our girls were already asleep so we had the house to ourselves and enjoyed the peace and quiet.
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In our basement there are two large egress windows with a deep well dug around the outside of them. I would guess that the wells are at least 4 to 5 feet deep, and with all the rain we have had recently, several small frogs have taken up residence in our window wells. At first they were amusing to watch. They nibbled on the bits of foliage that has begun growing in the wells and chewed on crickets and spiders that were unfortunate enough to move into the neighborhood. (Do frogs eat foliage? Maybe not. So they probably aren't nibbling as they hop about in our window, but it still sounds like a froggy thing to do, so I'm going to leave it.)

But now the frogs have become silently pathetic. They can only jump about three feet high, and their suctiony feet always seem to lose grip about halfway up the window. They are stuck in a glass case, and cannot get out.

That's how I've been feeling recently, too, and I don't really know why.

Maybe it's the weather: hot, humid, overcast, rainy. Yesterday, I pressed my nose against the chilly panes of the sliding glass doors in our dining room, watching the rain pour down and longing to run around in it playing "Call the Fire" with my brothers and sisters like we used to when we were kids. Maybe it's the fact that school just started up again. I've always loved attending school, and now that I'm grown up there's no more school in my future. Maybe it's the Texas let-down. I had gotten excited at the prospect of new adventures in the Lone Star State, but upon researching the educational system in that part of the country, we have come to realize that this is probably not the best move for our family at this time. (I say probably, because our decision is not completely set in stone yet, although it looks like it will be pretty firm.) Maybe it's my lack of good tennis shoes. The ones I currently own were purchased (against Jeremy's will) a size too small (because they were SOOOO cute, and they had sold out of the right size). Therefore, I can wear them to events that require me to stand around looking cute, but I cannot wear them to go running.

Whatever the reason, I am feeling trapped. The urge to break out and do SOMETHING lurks strongly just under my calm demeanor.

This morning, I strolled into Craig's office with some paperwork to discuss, and I told him, "Craig. I need to do something fun." "Like what?" came his response. I pondered the question.

I want to buy a motorcycle and go zooming around Iowa. Stop randomly at little hole-in-the-wall places and have adventures like tasting every ice cream flavor known to man, or exploring a cave, or riding in a hot air balloon, or rappelling down a rock wall, or jumping off a cliff and landing in a river (I did that years ago into the Hudson River), or canoeing, or SOMETHING ACTIVE.

All of that raced through my mind, but I calmly answered, "I don't know," and quietly lamented my too-small tennis shoes and my bicycle with the flat rear tire.
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Guess what? I heard yesterday that the producers of the movie Facing the Giants made lots of money on that film, and they are planning another movie. This one might be about a firefighter. Oh! I am so excited! Jeremy and I have decided to move to Georgia, so that we can be part of the church that makes the movies!

(Not really, but that sure would be wonderful!)
What really happened this weekend?

1. I made breakfast. (Fried eggs and toast)
2. Jeremy and I emptied the pool together. (But we did not scrub the green slime off the bottom. Instead, we tipped the pool upside down on the back deck. We're sportingly giving the pretty microbes a head start before we eliminate them...because we didn't feel like scrubbing at the time. This is now on my To Do List for this afternoon when I get home from work.)
3. We did absolutely nothing with the blinds in the bedroom.
4. I created a menu for the week. (I get to have Tacos on Thursday!!!!)
5. We went grocery shopping. (And forgot to pick up vacuum bags.)
6. Jeremy went back to the store and bought vacuum bags. (He then vacuumed the carpeting in the family room right as we were trying to start a movie -- Facing the Giants, one of the most awesome movies of all time!)
7. Jeremy and I discussed Texas, and we now feel that we have a game plan. (We listed certain criteria that will be researched before we make a decision on accepting a job and moving.)
8. Happy Birthday, Colin!!!
9. Your present can be this blog to you...all you have to do is print it and frame it. (Aren't I a great friend?) See Colin's comments on my previous blog entry.
10. We went to a nearby town that we have never explored and ate wonderful food (I had Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo; Jeremy had Spicy Jambalaya, and Kimmie ordered Garlic Cheese Bread and shared my Fettuccine and Jeremy's Jambalaya. Liberty snacked on apple juice and Ritz crackers, sampled my Fettuccine and entertained our waitress.)

And thus ended our lovely Saturday. :-)
I've been sitting at the computer screen trying to think of something to blog about, but my mind is more focused on what I have to do today. Maybe if I get this list out of my head, it will free up some brain space for blogging.

1. Make breakfast (I'm starving.)
2. Empty and scrub the kiddy pool. (Green slime is growing on the bottom.)
3. Help Jeremy put the blinds up in our bedroom. (Only one window left to do.)
4. Create a menu for the week. (But not before breakfast, otherwise my hunger would fill the menu with unnecessary food.)
5. Go grocery shopping. (And don't forget to pick up vaccum bags.)
6. Vaccum.
7. Discuss Texas with Jeremy. (That's a list all by itself.)

Now that that is out of the way, I'm going to make some breakfast! :-)
Today is my first day back at work this week (as you can probably tell by the several new posts). Liberty has been sick, and I've been home with her.

Liberty is MUCH better, but I am missing my cuddle time with her very badly right now. I really enjoyed staying home with her even if she was miserable, poor kid. I'm so glad that when I dropped her off at her babysitter's house, she was smiling hugely and back to her old self again.

Guess what? She talks now!!!! She imitates what I say. Like if I say, "Say Hi Grandma!" She says, "I Gaaa." If I say, "Say Hi Mommy." She says, "I Ma-ma." She tries to say Kimmie, but it's not recognizable, although it is always the same sound.

So back to work for me.
On his way back from Texas, Jeremy stopped and bought me a notebook and a bookmark. Now does my husband know me, or what? The notebook is cute and small enough to fit in my purse. It is so cute that it inspires writing (unlike the ugly legal pad that I have been lugging around with me).

The background colors of my bookmark merge from green to orange to red to blue, and the foreground is littered with smiling yellow faces in varying sizes. The faces smile up at me so happily that I have to smile back at them.

I'm so thankful for Jeremy.
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This afternoon, I'm driving to the airport to pick up Kimmie, returning from North Carolina. Yay! (Hopefully, her plane will make it all the way here without falling to pieces!)

Since we'll be in the city, we plan to meet up with a friend who I used to work with before we moved. I'm looking forward to catching up on his life and on everyone still at the old job.

Plus, we're going to one of my favorite restaurants! Kimmie will enjoy her first meal back in Iowa!
Fever. Panic. Baby so hot.

Lukewarm bath.


Shivering goosebumps. Blue fingertips. Burning forehead.

Does cuddling help?

Thoughts swirl.

Capture one and put it into words. Four, five words. They fragment.

New thought swirling past. Reach out.

Missed it.

I want to write!
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To be able to write while soaking in a luxuriously scented bubble bath would be ultimate happiness for me. My mind dreams of blueprints for a bath desk that would hook over the sides of the tub, dip low enough that my hands wouldn't lose circulation while I write, and be flexible enough to push out of the way when writing is no longer desired. Oh, and a cup holder would be nice. Hmmm. :-)
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The more I study Rebekah (Isaac's wife and Jacob and Esau's mom) the more I realize that I am like her. We both enjoy sizing up a situation and acting accordingly. That's the good part. But we also both lean towards acting on our own instead of waiting on God's move. That's the bad part. Thankfully, God put Rebekah in the Bible as an example of how messed up my family can become if I lean to my own understanding instead of waiting on God.

Jeremy is in Texas right now interviewing for the job down there, and I am up here. Freaking out.

At least I was until I finished the first paragraph. Then I took a walk around town and recited two verses to myself: "Great peace have they which love Thy law, and nothing shall offend them," and "Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusts in Thee." After that, God brought this song to my mind:

Why should I feel discouraged, why should the shadows come, why should my heart be lonely, and long for heaven and home, when Jesus is my portion? My constant friend is He. His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me; His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.

I sing because I’m happy. I sing because I’m free! For His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.

“Let not your heart be troubled.” His tender word I hear, and resting on His goodness, I lose my doubts and fears. Though by the path He leadeth, but one step I may see, His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me; His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me.

Whenever I am tempted, whenever clouds arise, when songs give place to sighing, when hope within me dies, I draw the closer to Him. From care He sets me free. His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me; His eye is on the sparrow, and I know He watches me (and Jeremy). :-)
I thought my blog today would be sappy and sentimental about dropping Kimmie off at the airport and knowing that I would not see her again for another week. But instead it is going to be about Kimmie's incredible airport adventures. Things happen to her in airports that I have never seen happen to anyone else.

Prior to joining our family a couple years ago, Kimmie had never flown before, and she was nervous to fly from her current home in North Carolina to us in Iowa. Although Jeremy and I assured her repeatedly that flying was fun and easy, she persisted in her fears and worried about all the possible dangers.

It turns out that Kimmie's fears are very well founded -- at least for her. When she flew for the first time, the plane that she was scheduled to ride in had collided with a bird during the previous flight. After landing in North Carolina, the airline boarded all of the new passengers including Kimmie and then proceeded to sit on the tarmac for two hours while they discussed the defect in the plane that the bird collision had caused. After two hours, they moved all of the passengers to another plane. This one had something wrong with its toilet, causing yet another delay. When Kimmie finally arrived in Chicago for a layover, crazy weather delayed her again. She waited in the airport for three more hours where she made friends with other unaccompanied minors and was given more cookies and snacks than she knew what to do with. We were very relieved when she landed safely in Iowa.

Yesterday, Kimmie attempted to fly uneventfully from Iowa back to North Carolina for a week long visit. That plan failed miserably.

You see, Kimmie had been scheduled to fly to North Carolina earlier this summer, in June. However, circumstances prevented her from taking that trip, and we switched her flight out for one in August. In June, when I switched the tickets, I spoke directly to an airline operator named Jerri, and she told me that we had to drive to the airport and exchange the paper tickets in person before June 7th, or the electronic tickets on hold for us would drop out of the system and be lost. Jeremy graciously took time out of his day (and gas out of his car) to drive to the airport (an hour away from us). He conversed with Linda, a employee at the airport who worked for that specific airline. She told him that the electronic tickets were already ours, not just on hold for us, and that we could throw our paper tickets away because they would not need them. Our tickets had already been exchanged. Jeremy was confused by this statement, because it was not what Jerri had told us.

Jeremy called me on his cell phone and had Linda speak directly to me. I questioned her words several times, and I told her what Jerri had instructed us to do. Linda adamantly repeated that we did not need the paper ticket at all; she told us that Jerri's instructions were incorrect. Jeremy returned home with the original paper tickets and the understanding that we could throw the tickets in the garbage because Kimmie would only need her ID when she arrived at the airport in August.

Yesterday, Jeremy took Kimmie to the airport. He dropped her off outside (in order to save the dollar that it would cost him if he parked the car and walked her inside). Kimmie walked up to the ticket counter and spoke with Linda. She gave Linda her ID and her itinerary code. Linda informed Kimmie that there were no tickets on hold for Kimmie and that the itinerary referenced was not paid for. Kimmie called me at work, slightly panicked from the ticket counter, and gratefully handed me over to Linda. Linda then informed me that we DID need to turn in those outdated paper tickets after all and that they would not let her on the plane until I turned in the paper tickets in exchange for the current electronic tickets. Her plane was scheduled to depart at 1:00 PM. Our house is an hour away from the airport. It was currently 11:47 PM. I realized immediately that it would be impossible for Jeremy to drive from the airport to our house to pick up the paper tickets and drive back to the airport in time to get her onto her scheduled flight. I begged Linda to delay the flight as long as possible, and I dropped everything at work. I fled for my car. Reaching our house in record time, I frantically flipped through paperwork, searching for a ticket that may have been thrown away already.

I found it in my bedroom and triumphantly waved it over my head as I raced out of the empty house. I set Jenny's cruise control at 72 (the speed limit was 65), and prayed that the cops would not be bored that day and looking for a person only going 72 down the deserted highway. Jeremy had driven halfway out to meet me in order to save time, but when we met at the gas station, he parked his truck and hopped into my car. Together we sped into the city. My phone rang when I was five minutes away from the airport. It was Kimmie and Linda again. They wanted to know how far away I was because Kimmie's plane was fully boarded, and they could not hold it much longer. The time was 12:48. "Just wait! Just a minute!" I cried into the phone. "I'm almost there!"

"Watch out!" Jeremy yelled. A large truck pulling a trailer full of lawn mowing equipment slowly pulled into my lane. I hit the brakes, and Jeremy and I braced ourselves against the invisible force pulling our bodies towards the front windshield. Slowly, I followed behind the truck, imagining myself climbing onto the roof of my moving car and leaping movie-style onto one of the mowers in the trailer ahead of us. In my mind, I ramped the mower off of the trailer and sped through the grass past all the traffic in front of us to get to the airport on time. Unfortunately, my body did not follow my imagination's instructions. By the time we arrived at the airport, it was 12:57, and there was no way that Kimmie would be able to make it through security and to the plane in time. I breathlessly handed Linda the paper tickets and gave Kimmie a commiserative hug.

Linda frowned at the computer. "Now why isn't this going through?" she muttered to herself. She double-checked the information on the paper ticket and then verified what she had typed into the airline's system. After several more unsuccessful attempts to exchange Kimmie's ticket, Linda informed me that she would need the original form of payment in order to force the exchange through. Did we use the Star Wars credit card? I asked myself, Or was it directly from our bank account? I had left my purse in the car along with my husband because we had assumed my sojourn into the airport would be less than five minutes, so he had stayed with the car in the "No Parking -- drop off only" lane which was "Strictly Enforced" according to the signs. I ran back outside, but neither my car Jenny nor my husband was in sight, and I realized that he must be circling the airport due to the strictly enforced no parking laws. I returned to the ticket counter and showed them my empty hands. "I don't have my original form of payment, and I don't remember the number."

Marci sighed. (This is getting very long, so I'm going to abbreviate.) Jeremy, Kimmie and I sat at the airport for two and a half hours waiting for them to get the exchange to go through. Once Kimmie had her tickets in hand, we rejoiced, and Jeremy and I decided to walk with her as far as security in an effort to prevent any more of her weird airport bad luck from following her. We hugged goodbye and said I love you several times. But no more misadventures occurred, and we watched her disappear up the escalator towards the gates.

Her bad luck struck again when she arrived in Milwaukee for her layover. Apparently, the Milwaukee airport had had a fire just before she arrived. When her plane de-boarded, the lights in the airport were out, and the computer systems were down. Fire fighters walked the concourses, directing passengers to appropriate gates. Kimmie followed instructions and arrived at her assigned gate. After waiting a little while, another airport employee came by and re-directed the waiting passengers to a different gate. Kimmie obediently followed the crowd to her new destination.

Thankfully, she arrived safely in North Carolina late last night. She called home to let me know that she was there, and she told me of her Milwaukee adventures.

Jeremy and I have now decided that if we ever need to use an airplane for a family vacation, we will book Kimmie's tickets on a different plane. That way she will keep all of the trouble to herself, and we will enjoy a stress-free vacation!
Kimmie and I had a garage sale on Friday and Saturday. She felt very grown up and responsible because she got to run it alone on Friday. (Jeremy was inside sleeping and could be questioned if necessary, but she only woke him up twice. He told me that she did such an awesome job with the customers that she could very easily do a great job in sales someday.) We made lots of money on Friday, but in the pouring rain on Saturday we only made $4.00. A friend of mine is having a garage sale in two weeks, so we're going to combine our leftover stuff with hers and make another fun day together out of it at her house. This time, hopefully, we'll sell the rest!

Libby had a doctor's appointment on her 10 month birthday. (It was supposed to be her nine month checkup, but I procrastinated horribly.) She now weighs 13 pounds, 11 ounces, and she is 23 inches long. Her weight is still not on the growth chart, but her height is in the 3rd percentile! Yay! She finally made it onto the chart!!! Her head circumference is in the 15th percentile. Our doctor was a little concerned about whether her mental growth could be behind, so he asked me a LOT of questions about her current capabilities. He also examined her very closely and had her do a lot of things, and he decided that she is completely normal and even slightly above in certain areas of development. It is just her body that is tiny. He doesn't expect her to ever catch up physically to other kids her age. He thinks that she will always be a smaller person. (Which is fine with me, I won't have to buff up my arm muscles in order to lift her.)

She has so much personality now! I really enjoy being around her. She gives kisses, and she claps whenever she hears one of us say "yay" even if the "yay" is not directed at her. She likes to make others laugh, so she has this one face that we call her scrunchy face. She crinkles her nose and eyes up and purses her lips and breathes in and out through her nose very rapidly. It is very cute, and of course, everyone around her laughs. Then she looks at everyone with a big grin. She stands on her own now, and she tries to walk. She can't walk by herself yet, so she insists on grabbing our fingers and taking off across the room. She LOVES walking. She also loves to cuddle. It's really funny when we are at home, because wherever I am, she wants to be there too. If I am in the kitchen cooking, she is under my feet, trying to climb up my legs. If I am walking around the house doing various chores, she will crawl along behind me. Usually by the time she gets to where I am, I am finished being there, so she has to turn around and catch me in another spot. She gets frustrated with that, especially if I am not paying enough attention to her. So I try to take a minute to stop and play with her when my path crosses hers as we come and go from room to room.

Kimmie is going to North Carolina for a week to visit family. She's leaving this Tuesday and will come back next Tuesday. This will be her first plane trip on her own, so I'm anxious to see how it goes for her. She has one layover where she will need to change planes, and I have printed out a map of that terminal, so that she can know where she is and how to get to where she needs to be. She is SO EXCITED for this visit, and I am really excited for her. She has plans to visit old friends and meet up with relatives and see the BEACH. I am just imagining all of the fun this will be, and I can't wait for her to come home and tell me all of her adventurous stories.

Jeremy had an interview at his current workplace for a job that he has been wanting for a while. They have a few more candidates to interview, and we are waiting to hear what their final decision will be. Jeremy also recently had a phone interview with a job in Texas, and this Friday, they are flying him down there for a second interview. His dad lives in the area, and has already set up an appointment on Saturday morning with a real estate agent to look at possible houses. On Saturday afternoon, Jeremy is meeting with a school administrator to discuss Kimmie's possible enrollment there. We do not even know yet, if we will be offered that job, but we are preparing our fields for rain (that was a Facing the Giants reference, if you didn't catch it), and we are willing to do whatever God wants. If He wants us to stay here, we will stay here happily because we love it here. If He wants us to move to Texas, we will move happily because God has wonderful unknown plans in store for us there. We just need to know for sure where God wants us.

My friend Melody came to visit me last week, and we had such wonderful adventures together, many laughs and incredible talks. Oh, I miss her! We saw "Much Ado about Nothing" on the lawn outside of an old mansion, and the cicadas were out en masse. A few of them landed on the stage and frightened one of the actors, which was quite funny to me. :-) We explored our small town from top to bottom, and we decided on the spur of the moment to make a quilt. Neither of us have ever quilted before, but we bought the fabric, and discussed buying a pattern. In the end, we tossed the idea of the pattern and decided to make our own. (Melody ended up making the pattern herself, really. I just gave suggestions and approved her design, and it was so much fun!) We sewed the center square of the quilt together, and whenever Mel finishes it, she is going to email me the pictures. Oh! Speaking of emailing me pictures! She hasn't emailed me the pictures of our week together yet. I just realized that. We drank hot peppermint tea with honey each night and read books to each other. We started the first of the Sisterchicks series, but we didn't finish it. (I read it several years ago, so Melody took it home with her to finish on her own.)

Jeremy and I had our four year anniversary a couple weeks ago. He surprised me by kidnapping me and taking me to the Hilton Garden Inn where we had a suite of rooms with a jaccuzi. Kimmie babysat Liberty while we honeymooned again. It was very wonderful and relaxing!

Hope you're caught up, now! Summer is awesome! :-)