My family is leaving us today, and I am very sad. My two brothers, Nate and Joe, and my sister-in-love, Suzy, are going home either tonight or tomorrow morning. I'm at work today, but when I get home, their things will be all packed, and there will be no pile of luggage and no dogs to remind me of their presence. (Nate and Suzy brought their two dogs with them: Bonnie - a cute Scottish Terrier, and Montana - a small German Shepherd/Chow.)

I've decided that my family needs to move closer to us. We have a small subdivision that would work nicely for our clan.
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  1. Kristin Says:

    I feel the same way! I hate goodbyes, not knowing when I'll see my family again or knowing when, but it's a long time from the present. :( I am trying to get all my family (and us!) to move to OH and all live in the same area! No more goodbyes!!!! :)

  2. DeAnn Says:

    What has happened to your blogging? I miss seeing something new. It's been a long time!! Please write something, even if it's fiction! I miss you.

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