I thought I wouldn't be able to post until Monday, but I have a few minutes and I want to share a conversation that Kimmie and I had in the car on the way into town.

Kimmie and I were playing the "Glad Game" where I say something really bad, and Kimmie has to respond with something happy about it.

Missy - "Oh no, it's raining today."
Kimmie - "Oh, good! Now we won't get sunburned!"

Missy - "Oh no, our neighbor's house burned down."
Kimmie - "Oh, good! Now they can stay with us and we can become better friends!"

Missy - "Oh no, a meteor just hit that business and smashed it to pieces."
Kimmie - "Oh, good! Now we can have a rebuilding party!"

Missy - "Did you know we're going to eat green beans tonight."
Kimmie - (silence)

Missy - "Kimmie?"
Kimmie - "Well...I just can't think of anything good about that."
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    haha, love it! what a wonderful game to play.

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