When Liberty was first born, I struggled to find time for my devotions, and when I shared this trouble with a friend, she suggested that I read my Bible aloud to Liberty while I was feeding her. This worked out great for several months, and although I gradually began to find time for my own devotions again, I continued reading the New Testament to Libby each day. About a month ago, we finished the book of Mark, but now that Liberty is eating mostly solid food, I find that our reading time has diminished greatly.

I have also been asking God for wisdom in bringing my girls up to love Him whole-heartedly. Many times I allow myself to get bogged down in "discussion" with Kimmie (anyone who has or is raising a teenager should know what I mean by this) over small points or rabbit trails, and I lose sight of the big picture, the goal that she will soon be an adult, and she needs to be trained in order to be a responsible, Godly, happy adult who can live on her own and make wise decisions.

All of this is to show you where I am right now. I had come to a turning point in my walk with God, and I was ready to start something new in my Bible reading. I asked God to show me where He would like me to start with Him. I've read the Bible several times over (some parts much less than others), and every time I do, God shows me something new and relevant to be used in my life. It's so cool! About a week ago, I began reading in Genesis chapter one. I've decided to read the Bible straight through again since it's been a while since I've done that.

As I read, God impressed on me the fact that from the very beginning, He created us for relationships. Mainly, relationships with Him, but also relationships with each other that point us back to him. I have several relationships in my life. I am a daughter, a mother, a wife, a friend, an employee. But as I watched God interact with his first two children, Adam and Eve and later Cain, I see him as a parent, which is where I feel the most needy right now.

I tend to go to other parents for advice, commiseration, laughs, etc. and there is nothing wrong with that at all, but I usually forget that God is a parent too. In fact, He has experienced EVERY situation that could possible occur, AND He's handled it correctly too! What an amazing resource! And in James 1:5 He even says, "If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you."

So now, every night before I open my Bible, I've been asking Him for wisdom to parent my girls His way, the right way. And my devotions have been incredible! I find myself comparing my reactions to Kimmie and Liberty with God's reactions to Adam and Eve and Cain (because that's how far I've gotten so far.)

Do you realize that God LISTENED to Adam blame Eve (and God), and He listened to Eve blame the serpent, but he did not wait for the serpent to give an excuse. When I am faced with, "Well it's not my fault because..." I usually cut it off midstream; I don't have time for worthless words.

I wonder why God listened? And I wonder why He did not wait for the serpent's excuse? I think it is because He was interested in developing a relationship with us, but not with the serpent. When I cut my teenager off because she's not saying anything worthwhile, maybe I am teaching her that a relationship with her is not worthwhile to me. That's not what I mean to communicate at all, but I wonder if that is what I am communicating.

God is working in my heart to teach me to be "quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, because" like James 1:19 -20 says, "my anger does not produce the righteousness that God desires."
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