Liberty and I have a head cold that is not much fun at all. I feel like I'm underwater most of the time. I can see and hear everyone from a distance, and it is a very strange feeling.

I've also been having some very strange, yet highly entertaining dreams recently. Maybe due to the cold medicine???

Let me tell you about one of them:

I had just been hired by Craig, and our office was on the 57th floor of a skyscraper-type building. Craig wore thick, black-framed glasses, and he tended to slouch. In real life, Craig is married to Kathy, and they have a 13 year old son named Jake. In my dream, Kathy was named Lois Lane, and her dark hair was cut into a smooth pageboy style like Terri Hatcher sported on the TV show "Lois and Clark." When Craig introduced me to Jimmy Olson, I recognized Jake.

So Craig, Lois, Jimmy and I worked together in this office on the 57th floor. A tall, skinny lady with long, mousy brown hair also worked in the office. She wore clear-framed glasses and always carried a clipboard with her. I'm not sure what her job was, as in my dream she mostly stood around in the background.

After I had worked there for about a week, Lois walked into my office carrying a red, full-body leotard on a wooden hanger with a gold colored hook. The leotard even had attached feet. She informed me that it belonged to me, but she did not tell me what it was for. She proceeded to hang the clothing on a special hook built into the wall of my office. For a few days, it hung there as I worked, and I would turn in my desk chair to look at it, wondering what it's purpose was.

Time passed, I'm not sure how much time, and I noticed that Craig had some peculiar habits. (Boy, that's an understatement in real life! Ha-ha!) He would be calmly working at his desk, and then suddenly jump to attention. He then would grab at his shirt collar and run to an open window at full speed. After that, he would disappear. I asked Lois and Jimmy about this behavior, but they acted like it was normal. It took me quite a while to catch on, but I finally realized he was Superman! :-)

I pondered this fact. A few days later, I was sitting at my computer, still pondering while I worked, when I suddenly realized what my leotard was for. I was supposed to be Supergirl! Ha-ha! This realization both shocked and satisfied me. I was very happy to attempt to be Supergirl, but I was nervous that I wouldn't be very good at it. I mean, that's a lot of responsibility to live up to, you know! I sat and thought about it for a long time.

Finally, I stood up and slowly walked to the bright red article hanging from the hook on my wall. I poked my head out of my office door to see if anyone was around, then I proceeded to wiggle into the tight-fitting outfit. I was surprised to find a red cape attached to the back because I had not noticed that there before. When my clothing was finally situated, I turned to my old clothing left in a pile on my desk, and I folded it and placed it neatly on the credenza next to a large-leafed, dark green plant. I stepped out into the main office, where Lois looked up from a stack of paperwork that she was carrying towards the file cabinet. "Wow, you look great!" she said encouragingly. "I especially love the boots."

I looked down and saw that I was wearing knee-high, red boots with a six inch heel. (Ironic, I know. Seriously, who can save the world while balancing on six inch heels? Good thing I was Supergirl!) "Thanks." I said briefly. I wondered if my identity should be kept a secret, but since she was the one who had provided my outfit, I decided that she probably already knew about my second job. Jimmy also looked up from his desk. He gave me a quick grin of support, but did not seem surprised either. The clipboard girl hovered in the background as usual. No direct eye-contact there.

I followed Lois behind a wall created by file cabinets. "I'm not so sure about this," I informed her referring to my new still-unnamed duties. "Oh, you're going to be fine, Missy. Don't worry about it!" She opened a drawer and began filing unhurriedly. Her easy confidence in me bolstered my courage slightly, and I walked into Craig's office to look out the window that he always jumped through.

I quickly confirmed that the window actually WAS very high from the ground. The outside world seemed to swirl in colors of gray, while the warm colors of the office welcomed me to stay inside. I hesitated slightly, then stepped up onto the wide ledge of the window sill and breathed the cooler air flowing in. The wind picked up and blew my hair straight back from my face. Inhaling the windy energy, my body almost eagerly leaned forward. My right booted foot lifted into the air on the outside of the ledge, and for one brief second my left foot still contacted the wood of the sill. Then miraculously, I was soaring upward towards the sky. I considered putting my right fist over my head, movie style, then decided against it. It wasn't necessary, and I decided that the wind rushing against it would quickly make my hand very cold.

I don't remember much of what followed, just that I flew around for a long time in a world of grey. I saw lots of litter blowing around on the streets far below, but not many people. Those that were out, wore winter coats and walked briskly with their heads down against the wind. I didn't save anyone or do anything spectacular, but when I returned to the warm colored office, I received a hero's welcome. They were all so proud of me, and they told me so many times.

As I stood in the small circle of co-workers, I glanced from face to face. Craig, Lois, Jimmy and the Clipboard Girl talked happily amongst themselves, eating a celebratory white cake with lots of whipped white frosting. I glanced down at the piece of cake resting on the small paper plate in my hand and reflected. I was happy to have made them proud, but I yearned for my future adventurous duties, where I could really be of benefit.

Hm, I wonder what Liberty's been dreaming?
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