My family has been under quarantine for the past week with the flu. Liberty and I had it first, and we lovingly passed it on to Kimmie who decided to share it with Jeremy.

Thankfully, although I felt completely awful, I probably had the least of it. Kimmie was hit hard, and as a result, we have our very first carpet stain that WILL NOT COME OUT! I scrubbed and scrubbed. If I ever find out the flu is going around again, I'm going to start feeding my family clear liquids ahead of time instead of chili. That way, the carpeting won't be permanently discolored. Today is Kimmie's first day back at school this week, and I am hoping that she'll be able to make it through the day. She's excited because she lost 12 pounds while she was sick! (Those twelve pounds are soaked into my carpeting, I know.)

Jeremy succumbed yesterday and missed work. He's sleeping right now, so I'm not sure how he'll be feeling today.

Oh boy, while I was typing this, Kimmie called from school to say that she felt very sick. (She just ate lunch.) I told her to have her temperature taken and sit quietly in the nurse's office for a little while. I wonder if I'm going to need to pick her up.
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