From: Missy
To: Jeremy
Sent: 2:12 PM
Craig gave me my paycheck today. There are several things that we need, and I was wondering if I could use some money for garage sales on Friday and Saturday. I know that I can find some clothes for you, me and Kimmie which we deperately need, and I'd like to find a small bookshelf for Liberty's room and a large bookshelf for the basement. I may also be able to find a trunk or something cool for the dining room that we could put our placemats and dishes into. Maybe a highchair, and a larger car seat for Liberty, which she will be required by law to have soon. If I can find some cheap games (like Aggravation!) then we could also get a few of those. I already have a print out of where the garage sales are tomorrow and Saturday.
Let me know, please! :-)

From: Missy
To: Jeremy
Sent: 2:13 PM
PS> I could also be on the lookout for 12" Star Wars dolls for your collection. Also, I need to know your pants and shirt sizes.

From: Missy
To: Jeremy
Sent: 2:45 PM
Another PS> I found a sale that has a snow blower!

From: Missy
To: Jeremy
Sent: 2:50 PM
Oooh, I just found one that has a shop vac, a GRASS SEEDER, BIKES!!! (Maybe I could finally get my bike in time to ride it at the campground!), bread machine, treadmill, weight bench, weights! What do you think? Want to come with me? We''ll have to get up early on Saturday morning. (Maybe you should just not go to sleep?)

From: Missy
To: Jeremy
Sent: 3:05 PM
Oh, Jeremy. I found a John Deere (I don't know what, but maybe it's a riding mower!!!!) also a DVD/CD rack, bar stools, baby carrier for my bike!, curtains (maybe for our bedroom?), garage storage cupboards and shelves!! Way cool! I can't wait!!!! :-)

From: Jeremy
To: Missy
Sent: 6:32 PM
While I admire your enthusiasm, what I think you should do is pay the house payment, pay $251 towards the credit card and $130 for the baby. Take that away from your check, and you are left with $0 to spend. Trust me, Missy, I want you to be able to go garage shopping, but I cannot sacrifice our future financial freedom. Right now, we just do not have the money for garage sales. Please talk to me on Friday. Please also complete the estimate on going to Jackie's wedding and bring it with you on Friday when we do the bills.
I love you.
PS> These are not needs, but wants. All we really need is food to live and God. Everything else is a want.

Does this sound familiar to you? Ha-ha! I'm very glad God has given Jeremy and I to each other. Otherwise, I'd have plenty of pretty things, and no house to put them in! And Jeremy would have a perfect bank account, and no one to help him spend it! :-)
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    You are such an amazing person Missy. It doesn't sound like you stomped off or had a fit about not having enough money. You have an amazing heart :)

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