I want you to know what an awesome man you are and what a great husband and father. When I met you in college, one of the things I was most attracted to was your love for God put into action in your life. I loved and respected the fact that your words and actions first went through a filter of "is this in line with God's Word?" As a result, I could see Jesus in you.

We've been dating and married for almost ten years now, and as you well know, our life has not often gone according to our plans. Even though in reality our life has been going better than we planned because it's been going according to God's plan, several times you and I have been upset with Him because He wouldn't change to do what we thought He ought to do. During those times I have wondered if either you or I had changed so much from who we were attracted to in college that we wouldn't be attracted to the people that we have become, but I want you to know that the man you have become (with God's help) is so manly and wonderful and Godly to me. I have always begged God to let me be married to a man who is a spiritual loving leader for me and for our family, and watching you this past Easter weekend has made my heart jump up and down like a joyful little kid who gets to go to the circus! (By the way, I have never been to a circus, and I want VERY badly to. ;-)

You took control and made great decisions. You drove Kimmie to the various places where she needed to go and talked father/daughter things with her, allowing me to take care of Liberty at home instead of trying to fit Liberty's needs in amongst all of the other things that needed to be done. (You will never be able to comprehend how much that meant to me.) You laughed, played with, fed and changed Liberty. You laughed and played with Kimmie and I. You even found time to whisk me away from it all for some rejuvenation. Wow! But the best part of the entire weekend was when you sat at the head of our supper table, and after carving our Easter turkey, you opened the Bible and pointed our family to God.

This is the man who I married: tender, strong, loving, masculine, caring, logical, playful daddy, loving disciplinarian, lover, gorgeously sexy, Godly, leader, servant, friend, partner, soul mate, life mate.

And I am glad and proud to be married to you!

With LOTS of love,
your wife, Missy
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