We have a big weekend ahead!

The girl's dance/drill team performs tonight at the high school, and Liberty, Kimmie and I will be there without bells on. Three of Kim's friends are spending the night at our house afterwards (Callie, Ashley and Emily), and I'm meeting up with Emily's mom at the drill team performance. After the show, the girls and I will go out for pizza and then rent a movie to take back to our house.

I have a feeling Emily's mom and I are going to be friends! I always try to meet or at least chat over the phone with the parents of Kim's friends before the girls start hanging out at each other's homes, and two nights ago, I called Emily's mom just to get to know her a little better. It turns out, their family moved to this area in July just like we did, and Mrs. Emily is feeling the lack of friends also.

So...dun-da-da-dun! Missy to the rescue! :-)

She sounded so nice and normal on the phone. I really hope she turns out to be great in real life.

So that is plan number one. Plan number two started out this morning with a little undercover cuddling. When I had to get up for work, Jeremy asked me out on a date!!!! He's coming to pick me up at work this afternoon, and we're going to go somewhere before I go get Liberty and before he heads over to work. I'm so excited! I love surprises, and I love Jeremy, so this is going to be great!!!

Plan number three revolves around a possible prize. We received a flier in the mail from a car dealership in another town about twenty minutes from our house. Kimmie peeled off the match and win sticker...and our number matched. (Notice the lack of exclamation point after that sentence?) I am distinctly skeptical, but slightly hopeful. The fine print says no purchase necessary, and that we have won one of the following three possibilities: a Ford F150, $20,000 cash, or a three day two night trip somewhere. Again, I'm very skeptical, but hoping for the cash. So, Saturday morning, we're going to the dealership to find out what we've really gotten ourselves in for.

Plan number four includes dinner at a friends' house. They have a boy who is a senior in high school and a girl who is a sophomore in high school, so Kim's going to hang with them while Jeremy, Liberty and I hang with the parents. We're bringing GAMES!!!!
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