We explored our new Walmart last night. Every aisle. Every item.

In a previous post, I had mentioned how much drive time we used to employ getting to and from the grocery store. The nearest one was thirty minutes from our house. But now that the new Walmart has been built (it opened last week) we can easily stop by to pick up groceries on our way home from work! This is going to save gas money, but I'm afraid the convenience of stopping by whenever it strikes our fancy may help us to spend that freshly saved money.

In accordance with the new location, our grocery day is moving from the weekend to Monday...which means that I'm going to need to adjust my weekly menus to accommodate the new schedule. It also means that shopping will go much faster and end up being a LOT cheaper, since I will be doing it alone with no one (read Jeremy) to beg for extra stuff or sneak extra stuff into the cart.

Shopping on Mondays will also help me pass the hour or so between the time I get off of work and the time Kimmie finishes tennis practice after school, and it frees up our weekends for pure, unadulterated FUN! No grocery shopping stopping. Pretty nifty.

My only complaint stems from the cement floor of the new Walmart. It is slippery enough that my shoes don't grip on it, and my feet constantly slide as I walk. I have to employ the duck-walk in order to stay put. While we were exploring yesterday, we spent three and a half hours in the store. By the time we left, I had gotten used to walking like a duck, and it felt a little odd to walk normally once we were out in the parking lot.

I'm going to look awfully funny walking stiff-legged through life if I accidentally get stuck like that!
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