I'm going to ask Craig to hire Kimmie part-time.

She's amazing. I wish you could have seen The Stack of Filing (yes, that should be capitalized, it had a life of it's own!) And with Kimmie's help, it was gone in three hours! Amazing!

I am loving having her here at work...especially since Craig's on vacation. He took his family to Disney World, so I would have been the only one in the office for a week. But Kimmie rescued me.

Right now, she's at tennis practice. She left here around 11:30 so that she would have enough time to walk to the tennis court and re-organize herself before practice started at noon. She's amusing that way. Where I slide into my seat just in the nick of time and whip out my supplies while the teacher monologues, Kimmie likes to be ready and in her seat ten to twenty minutes ahead of time...just so that she is cool, calm and collected when it's time to start.

I laugh, but she and I could probably both use a little adjusting so that we're more in balance instead of being at opposite extremes. At least I'm very rarely late. I'm usually right on time or a minute ahead. The credit for this virtue belongs solely to my dad. When I was growing up, he worked HARD to instill a sense of responsibility and punctuality into me. (Poor guy!)

Jeremy, as those of you who know him can testify, has no regard for time. I fondly (and sometimes exasperatedly) call him my southern boy because he moseys along. When I try to speed him up in order to reach our destination on time, he drawls, "Calm down; they won't mind waiting." He kindly assumes that everyone else is as laid-back as he is. If someone were late for an appointment with him, he wouldn't mind. He'd be occupied with something else anyway.

What funny people we are! I really enjoy seeing differing personalities and different quirks in the people around me, and since being married to Jeremy, I have learned not to take life so seriously.
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  1. Jeremy Says:

    Basically, what Missy is trying to say is that she has learned to have fun because I have walked her down my dark but fun path of life.

    Learn well she does.

  2. Um, Jeremy, Yoda was on the light side of the force.

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