My girls are different ways.

Liberty is growing physically. Her tummy is now mature enough to hold solid food, which she very eloquently pointed out to me yesterday. Actually, it took me four days to catch on because I'm a little slow, but I finally got her point. The poor baby has been crying off and on since Saturday, and none of us could figure out what was wrong with her until yesterday evening. On Monday, she drank 11 ounces of milk(!) and still cried for more. On Tuesday, she finished off nine ounces in five minutes and screamed to let me know that she was still hungry. It finally dawned on me that she may be ready for solid food. This realization should be credited in part to my friend Brandy who informed me several months ago what kinds of signs to look for. Of course, she also told me, "You'll just know." (Which I didn't, but that was not her fault.) One of the reasons that her advice came to my mind yesterday, was because she had a few minutes to spare and she called long enough to say, "Hi," that afternoon. God used her phone call to freshen my memory about Liberty's unusual hunger. Yay for God!

Kimmie is growing in maturity. She's at work with me today since she's on spring break (what a way to spend it!) Several of the comments that she's made today, and something that she typed up on the computer and allowed me to read have really brought into focus how much God is working in her heart. He and she together are amazing to me! She's also helping out with some filing that has stacked up (again), and that has made me think of her in a new light. A light that shows her working at a real job and being a responsible adult. I guess I'm happy and sad to think of that. Happy, because she's maturing the way she ought, and sad because she's going to be leaving me very shortly.

Growth is good, but I think I want to keep my kids young for a while longer.

Here they are...
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    what a big age gap!

  2. melissa Says:

    love it missy....thank you for everything

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