It seems that I am too competitive for my own good!

My husband Jeremy does not check my blog. Instead, he lazily requests that I email him my entries as I post them. Therefore, in an effort to prevent Jeremy from being prodded to victory, I deliberately chose not to email him any of my blog entries regarding The Great Dieting Challenge. (I am emailing him this entry, though. Maybe it will tempt him to check out my blog for real! He's missing out on quite a bit.)

At home, Kimmie and I freely discussed our contest, but when Jeremy was around, I kept those conversations to a minimum. Jeremy is very competitive, too, and I didn't want to lose to him because my constant reminders kept him sharp. This is called strategy.

Unfortunately, my strategy resulted in a questioning look from my darling husband on March 1st when I said, "Well, the challenge is over. Step right up to the scale, Mr. Skinny Man, and let's see what you brought."

"The challenge is over?" he repeated, "I thought we never started it. We talked about it, but I thought we just dropped it."

"We did drop it...or rather, I dropped it...from conversation, but my goodness, that challenge was alive and well all month. I worked HARD for my weight-loss, and you're not going to claim ignorance and get out of this one!" I informed him as I pushed him towards the scale.

"But I had a party at work last night!" he protested.

"Good! The more the merrier!" I patted his tummy and attempted to lift his foot onto the scale.

He sighed and stepped up, then exclaimed, "Wow!" as he looked at the numbers. I tried to interpret his vocal expression. Was that excitement or anxiety?

It was excitement.

That stinker did not diet, did not work out, DID pig out the night before, and he still lost three pounds! Why is life not fair to me?

I still proclaimed myself the winner because I know for a fact that I lost 3.4 pounds, and Jeremy can't remember what his decimals were. That means that he lost approximately 3 pounds. Kimmie only lost 2 pounds. (We won't mention the fact that she started the challenge later than either of us, and at the rate she was going, probably would have beaten Jeremy and me if she had started at the same time.)

I WON!!!! Yay for me! (Kind of.)
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    lol. yay Missy:D

  2. Jeremy Says:

    She did not win anything. I won and she owns me a meal at Texas Roadhouse. 273.6 – 269.0 = 4.6 I win by a landslide.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    yay for you! :-)

  4. zach Says:

    lol wow that is funny

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