Here is my dad shoveling.

Here is me shoveling.
Kimmie shoveled for a while...

Then she took a break.

She made a snow angel.

I did too.

We found a chunk of ice that resembled North Carolina.

First I conquered it.

Then I broke it. Oops!

Later, Kimmie's friend Rachel came over to sled.

We hope you enjoy your snow as much as we love ours!

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2 Responses
  1. Rachel Says:

    looks like so much fun:D

  2. melissa Says:

    i miss yall sooooooooo the pics...I want snow so bad why do yall get to have all the fun...When we were kids we use to love it when it would snow because no matter how much ( 1 inch) everything would close down....I want a snow day......Why is winter almost over with.....UGH...i want to make a snow angel...not fair..:)

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