We lease out the back part of our office to another company that has two employees, both named Steve. Craig and I call them Steve 1 and Steve 2, in a slight parody of the Cat in the Hat's Thing 1 and Thing 2.

Our office and the back office have separate entrances, but we share a hallway and a restroom. To get to the restroom, we walk through the hallway which passes between their two individual offices. Somehow, these two gentlemen are able to spend most of their time out of their workplace. Maybe they travel a lot or maybe they play hooky frequently, Craig and I haven't figured that out yet, and we have decided not to ask them for two reasons: 1. It's more fun to imagine why they are absent most of the time, and 2. We are more like smile-and-nod-acquaintances than we are ask-about-their-work-habits-acquaintances.

Most days, after a trip to the facilities, Craig or I will report to each other, "Ah, Steveless again today." But today, Craig came back from his venture to the little boys room, and reported, "Rare Steve 1 sighting!"

This of course, makes today a special day. The sun shines a little brighter, the air a little crisper. We sneak back often to observe Steve 1 in his not-so-natural habitat. (Well, not really. But I AM taking the time to blog about it today.)
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  1. haha wow that is really funny

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