Jeremy and I are now officially grown-up.

"Oh, because you have become parents?" you guess.

"No." I respond.

"Because you feel old now?"

"No," I respond.

"Did you find a grey hair this morning?" you smile knowingly.

"No," I respond and cast a dirty look in your direction. "Enough of this nonsense! I will explain."

Valentine's Day, I was sitting busily at my desk, minding my own business (and Craig's), when I heard the bells jingle on the front door. I rose to greet the newcomer, and behold, it was my handsome prince, Jeremy!

He strolled towards me with a grin on his face and one hand behind his back. "Surprise! Happy Valentine's Day!" After greeting him with a kiss, I walked around him and found beautiful roses in a gorgeous vase. Now to all of you who are yawning over the roses cliche, let me tell you, Jeremy is NEVER boring. He has never bought the usual roses. This time, he had a trio, one vibrant red, one medium pink and one slightest blush, combined with baby's breath and baby ferns (that always remind me of dill) in a painted vase that started at vibrant red and slowly faded to slightest blush, criss-crossed with silver and interspersed with hearts. Beautiful!

Thinking he had stopped by on his way to work, I attempted to distract him from leaving by bringing him into my office and sitting on his lap. (Don't worry, no one else was around.) Surprisingly, he did not seem in a hurry to leave, and when I realized he would soon be late for work, I urged him to hurry. He just grinned and informed me that he had TAKEN OFF WORK to celebrate V-day with me!!!!! Wow! He planned to take me to Olive Garden, which is an hour away from our house, so we made arrangements for Kimmie to babysit Libby, and we left.

And here's the part where I discovered we were grown-up. Instead of heading straight to the restaurant, we drove to Lowe's. On Valentine's Day.

Now, you must understand, visiting a home improvement store has been a long-standing tradition of my parent's whenever they go on a date. They go out to eat, or they go Christmas shopping, or they drive around town, and they always finish the night off by strolling through Lowe's or Menard's. The attraction? I have never known. But here Jeremy and I were on Valentine's Day, strolling hand-in-hand down the aisles looking for a snow shovel.

Ah, romance is not dead! :-)
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  1. DeAnn Says:

    We, too have succumbed to the home improvement shopping trip on date nights. I think for us it's just the thought of being able to look at anything you want without chasing, quieting or entertaining a child. I believe I used to call it freedom.

  2. Melody Says:

    That is so funny! I wonder when I will feel grown up. Guess what! I'm getting my kitten today!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    so there does come a time in your life when you feel grown up? this is a sweet story! :-)

  4. haha that is great i never thought of that but that should be a role for our family when you go on a date you have to go to lowes lol and now i really want to go there and i have money so mabey i shouldnt lol

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