At Liberty's baby shower a few months ago, we received everything we could possibly need for a new baby...except a healthometer.

A healthometer is a computer program that allows the parents to type in the symptoms their child has. It can be updated each day or each hour as needed, and when the diagnose button is clicked, it spits out a diagnosis and a treatment.

For example:
On Monday at 8:00 PM, I could type fussy, fever 101.2, congested.
At 10:30 PM, I could type very fussy, fever 99.8, rubbing ears.
On Tuesday at 7:30 AM, I could type happy, smiling, giggling, chewing on toes, no fever.
Later, at 8:30 PM, I could type fussy, fever 102.4, choking on mucus.
At 10:00 PM, I could type screaming, fever 102.7, bath does not bring fever down, Tylenol does not bring fever down.
On Wednesday morning at 6:00 AM, I could type very happy, no fever, laughing, trying to sit up.
On Wednesday evening at 5:30 PM, I could type fussy, eyes red, fever 100.3.
Then on Thursday morning, I could click the diagnose button and it would print out instructions like this
Liberty only has a cold. Wait two more days, and she will be completely well. She can be treated with cold medicine and Tylenol as needed.

This would prevent me from wasting $30.00 at the doctor's office to hear him tell me, "Everyone's got this cold. Just wait a few more days, and it will go away."

Of course, this program only exists in my imagination.
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    wouldn't that be a fabulous thing to have, though? oh yes.

  2. deanne Says:

    I own a health o meter, but all it does is tell me how much I weigh. What a gip!

  3. zach K Says:

    wow that would be nice

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