A joyous post!

The weather is beautiful! We have a snow storm predicted for Friday, but the town is feeling spring-like today. Everywhere I look, people are wearing sweaters or light jackets, their faces upturned to the sun. Smiles abound. I heard birds twittering in the bare branches as I walked to work this morning. Yesterday, Craig and I opened our office windows! Hallelujah! I love fresh air!

On Sunday, the high was 38 degrees, yesterday 42, and at 8:30 this morning it was 33! The snow has been melting all over the sidewalks into huge puddles, and our white snowplow-created mountains are quickly disappearing. On my lunch break yesterday, I took a walk around town. I stepped through a stream flowing over the sidewalk and after reaching dry ground turned back to see my footprints. They were very cute, because I was wearing cute shoes. I skipped a few steps and looked back. My footprints skipped happily along behind me. I ran down the street and looked back again. My footprints exuberantly followed. Sheer joy overtook my soul, and I jumped into the next puddle. Sparkling droplets flew over the sidewalk and the bottoms of my pant legs. I hopped twice on the dry cement being careful to keep my feet close together. My footprints looked like stamped art.

How fun!
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  1. yr silly but thats why i love ya hehe

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