I thought about titling this "Celebration #1" but I decided that optimistically naming it #1 might ruin my chances for obtaining "Celebration #2." So I chose "Yay for Mommy" instead.

I have been quite a good little girl this week. After a weekend of disastrous food choices (from which I will spare you the details; see illustration below)...

...I have found success in dieting. Baby carrots should receive a lot of the credit for my success. (Although, strangely, I seem to be hungrier after I eat them than I was before I ate them) And popcorn has been my savior. I need to buy stock in Pop Weaver! All in all, I've made great choices. I'm going to weigh myself this Saturday (BEFORE the party at our friends' house) Yikes!

One question: How do you reward yourself for eating right? Maybe I'll go smile at myself in the mirror and say, "Great job, Missy."

Here I am doing the hula and wearing the skirt from the Christmas tree while we were packing up our decorations a few weeks ago. (I wore gloves to keep the needles from pricking me.) See the Christmas box? (I thought the picture looked sufficiently celebratory to be used now.)
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  1. DeAnn Says:

    Hey Missy-
    Carrots do make you hungrier...it has to do with glycemic index and how much they raise your blood sugar and then let it drop. Try oranges or berries or cucumber slices or have something with your carrots. Then hopefully, you won't feel like you're starving after you just ate your snack (been there, done that). Good luck!

  2. Thanks, DeAnn. See, it pays to have smart friends! I guess I'll try broccoli with my carrots. Hmm, almonds are sounding good right now too. Or celery with peanut butter, or cucumber slices with my carrots. Mmmmm, I'm starving! It takes a while to change habits and adjust my tummy to good foods only, with a "bad" food thrown in every now and then for fun. And who decided they were bad, anyway! It was probably the same people who decided that we couldn't eat with our elbows on the table, or that the knife and spoon should be on the right and the fork should be on the left! That Blackie Scott!!!

  3. haha wow that great i dont whats better the blog or yr own comment lol

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