We have a new challenger. Kimmie has been watching Jeremy and I diet this month, and she decided to start trash-talking. You know, things like, "I could lose more weight than both of you put together with my tongue tied behind my back." (Well, if someone would tie my tongue behind my back, then I could win all the weight-loss competitions too!) So we're making her put her money where her mouth is! She has joined the competition.

After we all agreed that she was part of the contest, she asked, "So what do I get if I win?" We answered, "We will take you out to eat anywhere you want to go so you can gain it all back." She said, "Oh good, and what happens if I lose?" We said, "You get to pay for the three of us to have a meal wherever the winner chooses to go so we can gain it all back."

She smiled smugly at us and said, "But I don't have any money."

She's right. Jeremy and I looked at each other in dismay.

If she wins, the money has to come out of our bank account to take all three of us out. Now why isn't this fair?
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  1. lol that is great so again i ask who wow but then again i asked both times tonight and you havnt been on yet answer so never mind just tell me who won when you get on lol

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