I weighed myself on Saturday morning with suspicious results. I had lost three pounds, and instead of rejoicing over my miraculous weight loss, I wondered, "Now how can that be?" To lose one pound would have produced rejoicing, but three pounds in five days seemed inconceivable. (And yes, that word does mean what I think it means.) I repeated the process to be sure, and the scale still said three pounds were missing.

On Saturday night, I weighed myself again. The mysteriously missing three pounds had returned. In fact, I was only missing 0.6 pounds...which seemed more likely to me, albeit disappointing.

Today, Jeremy challenged me to a competition (oh, how I love a good competition). The challenge: who can lose the most weight by the end of the month. The consequences: Loser has to take the Winner out for dinner at an eating establishment of the Winner's choosing.

By now, you may have noticed several ironical elements to this challenge.
1. Jeremy and I share a bank account, therefore any "taking out" done by either party will be withdrawn from both paychecks simultaneously.
2. The Loser is also awarded a night out with the love of his or her life.
3. The reward for eating right and losing weight includes eating and gaining the weight back again.

Nevertheless, I am planning to WIN!
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  1. I do love a challenge as well ... perhaps you could find a restaurant and see Steve 2 there! That would be a delightful day!

  2. melissa Says:

    i love challenges like this...haha...me and josh do the same things at it is ironic that your going out to eat to celebrate weight loss....the way we work.:)

  3. Rachel Says:

    you guys are so cute:)

  4. Hee-hee! You're right, MG, that would be delightful!

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