Christmas was very good to us (or I should correct that to say, our loved-ones were very good to us this Christmas). The toys and gift cards and clothes will last us quite a ways into the new year, and we are VERY thankful.

One gift that we like is the "Baby's First Christmas" outfits that we received from several people. I think Liberty has four new outfits that proclaim her first Christmas is drawing near (or recently passed), and they are all the size that she does not seem to be growing out of anytime soon. The week between New Year's and Christmas, Kimmie proudly dressed her in her new outfits, and Jeremy and I pronounced her ready to face the world.

But now that Christmas lights are disappearing from the neighborhood, is it proper to continue wearing Christmas clothing? What are the rules about this? I know one cannot wear white shoes after Labor Day, and I know that all name tags should go "high and right" (thank you, PCC & Blackie Scott). So I assume there are regulations somewhere about Christmas-wear. Is there a loop-hole for babies who will eventually outgrow their date-stamped clothes and need to get a use out of them? Or are babies so small that they can slip under the proper-dressing radar? Will the folks from "What Not To Wear" track poor Liberty down later in life, and will she have the opportunity to say, "It's my mother's fault. She dressed me in Christmas clothes in February when all of the other babies were wearing Valentines clothes."

Does it matter? The fact is, I'm too cheap not to get as much use as possible out of free clothes, especially when they are so cute! (Although, I prefer the term "thrifty.")
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  1. Suanna Says:

    Hey, nothing wrong with wearing Christmas clothes through at least February. Red is common then too.

  2. haha wow February thats great you really are a korando lol

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