The predicted storm actually happened! It began Friday with freezing rain, then on Saturday, the snow started. There was about a half inch on the ground when Kimmie and the twins decided to play outside. The road was completely white, but the grass still stood above the snow in the yard.

In the living room, they plotted their day.
1. Snowball fight
2. Sledding
3. Make snow angels

Once in action, their day really went like this.
1. Get locked out in the cold
2. Come inside and put on all of the clothes in Kimberly's closet
3. Write messages on the road with their feet.

Then they came inside to warm up by the fire and figure out what could be used in place of a sled since we have none. While they were busy searching for a cardboard box, I pulled a plastic shower curtain out. They shouted with glee, and raced back outside. There is a huge hill a little distance from our house, but they didn't want to trek that far. Instead, they proposed throwing water on the street to create an icy Slip-and-Slide. I vetoed that idea in the interest of neighborliness (and not watching our insurance rates go up), and suggested they pour the water down the slope into the ditch where our front yard meets the road. Then Liberty and I laughed from the living room window while they took a running start, jumped, completely missed the shower curtain and tumbled head-over-heels into the ditch.
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  1. Melissa Says:

    gosh, i miss yall. I love reading this blog. It makes me feel like Im there with yall. I cant wait to meet Liberty and see how much kimmie has changed....Keep them coming..

  2. haha yep sounds like kimmie alright lol and OH NO you dont have any sleds thats just terrible i should mail you some haha that would be funny buuuuuuuttt not as funny as yr shower curtain fun lol

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