Friday night, Kimmie was at a basektball game, and Liberty and I were playing on the floor under Liberty's bridge when Daddy came home! This was a big surprise because he normally works until 3:00 AM, and we don't usually get to see him until Saturday afternoon around 2:00 PM.

He loved cuddling with Liberty, laughing at her squeals of delight in her new playmate, spectating as she showed off her rolling capabilities (she rolls both directions now) and exclaiming over how much she's grown this past week. He played with her all evening, and both of them had great fun!

We spent Saturday afternoon at the BIG GAME. Oh, what excitement! We had to borrow the college's gymnasium to hold the audience. Our town has one Christian high school and one public high school. Every adult in town attended one of the two schools, and there is a friendly rivalry (well, rivalry might be too strong of a word, but a friendly competition) between the two schools. (Our real rivals are in a neighboring town. Must beat, must beat!) Anyway, back to our competition...

The public school is in a bigger division than the Christian school, but we play each other for fun. It doesn't count towards anything. Our Varsity boys' basketball team is undefeated this year, and there is talk of playoffs. (Keep your fingers crossed.) Our Varsity girls' team is almost undefeated. I think they've lost a total of two games this season. So we had high hopes, and of course we needed bragging rights in town! (It's a small town, so this is REALLY important. It's one thing to get beat by another team in another town and tuck tail and go home, but it's something altogether different and awful to walk down the street the next day and have to smile and wave at the people that beat you the day before when you had been so boastful about your prospects of winning! I'm just slightly competitive, you know.)

Kimmie and the other cheerleaders had been practicing new and improved cheers to keep the crowd on the edge of their problem there! And she was very upset the day before the game to find out that two of the six cheerleaders on the squad were not going to be at the game. That leaves only four cheerleaders to represent our school, and what an awful shame it would be to be shown up by the other cheering squad, she informed me. We held our breaths as we drove to the game, anxious to find out just how many cheerleaders the bigger public school would bring. (The state limit is six.)

Ah, relief. They only had THREE! And because of their weak cheering, our boys won the game in the final seconds by one point! Our girls lost the game in the final seconds by two points, but that of course, was NOT our cheerleaders' faults. Just ask Kimmie; she knows.
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