Liberty and I had a grand old time yesterday evening. We spent most of it on the living room floor, playing with her new "Tummy Time Together Gym" which our family has started calling the bridge because that's what it looks like. (See here.) It was a Christmas present from her Grandpa and Nana, and it is her very favorite. She loves to bat at the animals which activates music and dancing lights, and she'll talk to herself in the mirror for hours. Such happy cooing sounds!

Kimmie had cheerleading practice until seven pm, so Libby and I were on our own, starving for entertainment. We decided to play with the bridge. We lay together on the floor under the bridge and laughed at our silly expressions in the mirror and hit the animals. Libby's been attempting to roll over for the past few weeks, and she wanted to show me what progress she has made. She can get about 75% over, but her rolling arm gets stuck underneath and prevents the other 25%. I was suitably impressed, and we decided that it was about time for me to start making supper.

From the kitchen, I could hear her occasional grunts of effort over my pan-rattling, and I stopped every once in a while to offer some advice or encouragement. Finally, it happened. She rolled completely over, and looked so startled at the change in perspective, that I had to laugh. The bridge is designed to be used at tummy-level also, so I adjusted its configuration and she continued playing. She was really good at holding her head up, but she hasn't figured out that life is easier when you put your elbows underneath to support yourself. She looked like a tiny U with her little pot-bellied tummy the only part of her that touched the floor. Her head drastically outweighs her scrawny tadpole legs, and so she kept see-sawing with her head usually closest to the floor. Apparently, she had quite a bit of gas left in her tummy, and that of course, got squished out regularly over a peroid of about 30 minutes. She sounded like a tiny motorboat.

I'm sure she'll be happy to read this when she gets older!

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  1. wow i really wish i had more to say to this one bt ya i really dont lol this is so funny i love yr blog so much just for the entrys like this one ther so funny they just leav me speachlis but ya im shr se will like to

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