Finally, it snowed! Yay for me!

We were all in the car, headed for the stores on New Year's Eve. Kimmie had gotten Christmas money, and we rushed to blow it ASAP. (She needed some clothes.) Suddenly, the sound of tiny frozen balls of sleet sounded on our windshield. Jeremy looked at me, and I looked at Jeremy. A wide smile slowly crept across my face. "Do you think it will turn to snow soon?" I whispered hopefully.

It had not yet turned to snow when we arrived at the store. Jeremy was reading a book, and he desperately wanted to finish it, so he stayed in the car with our sleeping Liberty while Kimmie and I skipped inside to SHOP! (I think Jeremy was also trying to avoid following us around the store. We tend to get a little crazy with trying on hats and old lady clothes first before we settle down for some serious shopping.)

We were in the dressing rooms about an hour later when I heard Jeremy's voice. "Are you almost finished in there? It's really snowing outside." Kimmie shouted, "It's snowing? Really?"

It really was! And it really did all the way home! Great big beautiful snowflakes! They hit the ground and melted immediately, but they were beautiful!

It's supposed to snow again this Friday. I heard it on the radio this morning while I was driving to work.
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  1. WOOO HOOO SNOW haha was this the first time it snowd for yall

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