I have a lot of friends who I don't know.

The cashier at Subway: She is a very nice lady in her mid to late thirties. We say hi and smile every time we see each other. On busy days at Subway, we give each other a sympathetic grimace, and move quickly. On slower days, we chat about the weather or fun life things. On the FREE cookie day, she told me about her last weekend trip and the late nights she had. She's looking forward to spending a quiet weekend at home this Friday. We connect. If we hung out, I sense that she would be fun and laid-back and smiley. We're friends, but I don't know her name, and she doesn't know mine.

Mr. Mumbles: He also works at Subway. He has silvery hair, and he mumbles (hence the nickname). I used to think that I just had a hard time hearing him, but after standing in a long line and listening to his attempted conversations with other customers ahead of me. I realized no one really knows what he is saying. We all smile and nod and tentatively chuckle in what seem to be the right places based on his facial expressions. This lack of verbal communication may be a deterrent to some friendships, but something in his character appeals to me. He really likes talking to people. He is friendly. He has a happy soul, and it is recognizable even if his words are not. I am happy to count him as a friend.

My librarians: Larry and Ella Mae. (Sidenote: I think being a librarian would be a very interesting job. You get to meet everyone in town, and you get to imagine what their personality is based on the books that they check out. Not to mention all of the BOOKS surrounding you!) Larry is a computer whiz and an incredible book-marker maker. He has read every single book in the library including the children's section, he makes great reading suggestions, and he owns every Where's Waldo book that has ever been made. I LOVE discussing stories with him! Ella Mae's first grandchild was born in December, and we counted down the days together. She keeps a bowl of candy on her desk and pushes the pieces off onto unsuspecting children as they check out books. Such fun and diverse people God has made!

My car friend: I've named him Buddy. He must live somewhere near Rhonda's house, because we meet at the same intersection every morning. He is a high school student driving to school, and I am a mom dropping my baby off at her babysitters. I turn left toward him, and he turns right toward me. We always smile and wave as we pass each other, and I pray for his day at school, but he doesn't know that. One day a few weeks ago, he was missing from our corner. Maybe he left his house earlier that day, or maybe he was sick. I don't know. But I missed him. Thankfully, he was back the next day, and has been ever since.

Who are your unknown friends?
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  1. wow like i sed you a very good imagination but thats an interesting question i never really thought about that this is going to be very intersting you should also right some thing about the not so friendlys like the grumpy old guy at the micyDS and try to find out why hes grumpy but then again no one is sad when ever yr around are they lol

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