Ah, dieting day one, and my first lament!

I went to Subway with the best intentions. After all, didn't Jared find success (and his figure) there? I ordered a turkey breast sub with oil & vinegar, spinach, green peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers. The tough part came at the cash register when the cashier (more about her later) asked, "Would you like chips and a drink with that?"

I debated.

Say no to the chips, but take the drink...after all, you're thirsty. But I'm not so fond of soft drinks (in fact the only two that I occasionally like are root beer and grape soda) and if I say no to the drink then I can indulge in what I really love, CHIPS!

The angel on my other shoulder interrupted: Why not say no to both, and eat common sense calories?

In a voice of determination, I declared, "No, thank you!" And I was proud of myself...until the next sentence from the cashier.

"Today is FREE cookie day. Which one would you like?"

I chose the chocolate one with white chocolate chips.
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  1. bluefilly Says:

    haha....that is brilliant! So funny. I applaud your rational brain and your smart tummy. :)

  2. haha wow thats great hey guess what missy its yr lucky day you get a free cookie because its free cookie day just so happins its the first day of yr diet and you went to subway cus thats a good helthy place to eat to bad every one there works for the devil hahahaha

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