I used to think that my parents had so many kids just so they could have people to do their housework for them. I didn't realize that our very existence created all that housework!

Yesterday, Kimmie leaned over to me before church started and asked, "When are we going to have more kids?"

"I dunno," I specifically replied without adding that our budget is still hooked to IV's due to the two kids we gained this year.

It turns out that one of her friends in youth group (who comes from a family of five) was telling Kimmie about the chores system they have worked out in their house. Each kid does a chore on a certain day. The rotating system goes like this: On Monday, #1 vacuums the living room; on Tuesday, #2 vacuums the living room; on Wednesday, #3 vacuums the living room...you get the idea.

Kimmie did some quick math in her head and announced that if we would just have three more kids, then in about nine years, Kimmie will only have to do the dishes once a week. I didn't tell her that she'd better be out of the house nine years from now, and doing her own dishes every day. Along with her vacuuming and her dusting and her mopping and lawn-mowing and car-washing and laundry and grocery shopping...
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  1. ya well some times i still think thats the only i was born lol

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