I have no idea what to write, but I have time to kill.

One disadvantage to living so far from town: Kimmie is cheering in a basketball game right now, and it is only supposed to last an hour. If we were to drop her off and head back home, by the time we reached our driveway, it would be time to go pick her up again. So Jeremy, Liberty and I have opted to stay in town until her game is over.

We are in my office, just wasting time. We really need to go grocery shopping, but the store is in another town thirty minutes south. Here we wait.

After the game, we are supposed to drop off her friend Rachel who spent the night at our house yesterday. Rachel lives about thirty minutes north. We're going to meet her parents at a little place called Iowa's Best Burger Cafe." I asked her mother this morning, if it really was the best, and she said, "Well, it's not bad, and they have really good ice cream." So we'll see if it lives up to its name.
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  1. so did it? and why didnt you just go to the game aswell

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