Who can ignore a smiling baby? Obviously not Kimmie or I. Let me tell you a story...

Last night at church, Liberty smiled and talked to everyone who passed her. Of course, not one of them could ignore a smiling baby, so we met lots of new people. In fact, Kimmie has realized the power of a smiling baby, and she is now using Libby to help her make friends. She holds her, and walks around the room as though she weren't really all that interested in the people there. Then everyone crowds around her to see the baby, and Kimmie introduces herself...they are snagged! Once people meet Kimmie they like her, so there you go! Automatic friends!

There was no nursery, so I brought Libby into the prayer meeting with me. She sat on my lap and gurgled and cooed and smiled and drooled. At first I held her over my shoulder. She had just eaten, and I was burping her, but apparently she made friends with someone behind us, and she began vocalizing her friendliness...and when she's joyful, she's loud! I brought her back down into my lap to quiet her down (who really wants to quiet down a funny baby anyway?) but that didn't work. She saw Kimmie and I smiling at her, and she just started laughing and talking to us. When we realized that she was responding to us, we tried to ignore her, but she just got louder! It was so hilarious! Kimmie and I tried VERY HARD to contain our giggles, but when the man in front of us snorted from trying to hold his laughter in, it was all over!
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  1. oh thats funny but istnt it sad whn yr not aloud to laugh funny but sad lol

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