Libby sleeps very well. She's been sleeping through the night since she was two weeks old (which I am very thankful for!), so although I am tired, it's not really her fault. (It's Kimmie's fault, because she won't let me take naps or go to bed early!)

The hardest part of having a new baby is that my life is completely different now. I used to go play whenever and wherever I felt like it. Now it takes twenty to thirty minutes longer to go anywhere, and everything needs to be planned instead of spontaneous because of Libby's schedule and who will take care of her if I want to do something that involves my hands or my undivided attention or absolute quiet? I absolutely love having her, but it has definitely changed my style. Sometimes I miss spontaneity; life with Libby takes some getting used to.

She's so much fun, though! She has now started smiling and cooing at us, and Kimmie has gotten pretty good at getting her to laugh. It is fun to just watch them together. Be prepared for another influx of pictures soon. Every time I turn around, Kimmie has the camera in her hand, and she is "posing" Liberty in a new position. We just finished off a disposable camera last night. Kimmie told me yesterday that she wants to take Art 4 next semester because it is all about photography. I think Kimmie could easily get a job as a photographer at a store like Sears or JCPenney's to help support herself when she goes to college. I can just picture her (no pun intended) with the kids, and she would be great at that!

I'm enjoying my Christmas decorations more this year, because I know that next year, Libby will be walking (and reaching) so I'll be rearranging the way we decorate in 2007!

Jeremy was part of a JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) fundraiser at work yesterday. He and I spent Tuesday afternoon peeling, chopping, boiling and mashing enough potatoes to feed 60 people. A few other people at his work also made mashed potatoes for the fundraiser meal. The fundraiser was very successful, and they ran out of food due since so many people came! Yay for Jeremy! (And it was wonderful to see Jeremy during the week! I love him so much!!!)
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