My husband has got to be the best man in the world, and my dad is not far behind!

Jeremy and I poured Draino into our toilet this week, and it sat mocking us from the toilet bowl for two days. (How long does it take Draino to work?) So we took a trip to our friendly Walmart and purchased a snake. (We originally chose a sink auger because it looked cooler with the round container that the flexible part can curl into, but thankfully, Jeremy read the label before we left the store, and we went back for the toilet auger that looks more like a fishing rod.)

Armed with our new fishing pole auger and our vast toilet un-clogging experience (which includes and is limited to me seeing my dad un-clog a few toilets in the past) we began our experiements with the Throne. We pushed and pulled and cranked and prayed. Nothing happened. We pushed and pulled and cranked and prayed some more. Still nothing happened.

Plan B: Call DAD! Jeremy held the auger, and I held the phone. It felt like a 911 call.

Dad heroically talked us through the operation over the phone. The toilet magically drained itself, and Dad never even charged us for his phone consultation!

My Heroes!!!
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  1. Debbie Says:

    Ha! That's hilarious!! I'm so glad you got that worked out.

    Hey, email me some pictures when you get the chance! (Not of the toilet...of you and the family!)

  2. Rachel Says:

    Hehehe...Jeremy always was amazing, and I'm sure your father is too:D Love the blog!

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