Yesterday, I arrived at work only to find that our internet and phone lines were down. Craig and I started out very chipper (chipperly? Hmm.) We can now catch up. No phone calls to interrupt us! But our chipper-ness quickly turned to plodding. (There is a reason that the filing has stacked up to three feet high...we hate to do it!!!) Okay, okay, I'm exaggerating, but you get the idea.

By 11 o'clock, we had all of the non-phone and non-internet work done (it is amazing how much we rely on technology now), and Craig decided to do some errands around town, work out, then go eat lunch. Since I had brought my lunch from home, I chose to stick around the office. The sad part is, I normally keep a book to read, or Logic Puzzles (which I'm addicted to), or at the very least a To-Do list from home in my bag. But I had taken all three of those things out the night before. (Why does that always happen?)

So I heated up my lunch in the microwave, created a menu and grocery list for next week, and cleaned my desk drawers. I thought about going for a walk, but it was -10 wind chill and I didn't want to lose any ears.

At two pm, we decided to cut and run. I picked Libby up from her babysitter's house, (Kimmie had cheerleading practice until 7 pm, so I wouldn't need to pick her up for a while)and we drove home. Jeremy was pulling on his socks when we arrived, and I quickly packed his lunch for him. He's throat has been hurting him since Tuesday, so he garbled out a "Thank you," and "I love you," kissed me on the forehead so he wouldn't contaminate me, and rushed out the door. I got to see Jeremy twice in one week! Yay for me!!!

Liberty and I sat and talked with each other for a while before her nap. She has just realized that she has hands even though she's not quite sure what they are for. It is hilarious to watch her sit and stare at her hands so intently. We've been trying to teach her how to grab things, so we hold a rattle in front of her. She'll stare at it for several minutes, then her body starts quivering with intensity. After a while, both arms begin randomly flailing at her sides, no where near the rattle. Usually, her right arm will find the general vicinity of the rattle first and hover in jagged patterns. (Unfortunately, I think she's going to be right-handed. I keep telling her how awful it is to be right-handed, but she doesn't seem to be listening. It's her daddy's fault; he keeps filling her head with nonsense about how great it is.)

Yesterday, she finally grabbed the rattle and lifted it out of my hands! Then she promptly bopped herself in the face with it, and looked very startled. Babies are so fun!
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  1. haha yr right GOOO RIGHTYS HAHA

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