While Kimmie, Liberty and I were on the way to our shopping trip last night, my wedding ring flew off of my finger. The darkness in the car prevented me from seeing exactly where it landed, but I heard it fall between my driver's seat and the console. When we got to the store parking lot, we turned all of the car lights on, and searched. Not a ring in sight! I focused on the tiny area between the seat and console, but still couldn't find it, and it was impossible to get our hands into that space. We must have looked pretty funny while we searched, because we had opened the car doors and were hanging half in and half out of the car, contorting our bodies in order to see into the various crevices. We spent about 30 minutes searching, and finally gave up for a more pleasant activity...CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!!! I decided that I would have to take it to the dealership and have them dismember my poor Jenny to get my ring back. (Jenny is my car's name.)

This morning, I dropped Kimmie off at school, then took Libby to Rhonda's house. (Rhonda is her babysitter.) As I was getting back into the car, I spotted something in the middle of the driver's side floor that my foot was about to descend onto. My right foot hovered over the floor of the car while I balanced on my left foot outside the car, and I looked closer to see what was on the floor. IT WAS MY RING!!!!! Yay for me! Now I don't have to get Jenny ripped apart! Yay for Jenny!

Still no sign of snow...
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