Several people have asked about Kimmie's basketball game. They won: 51 - 37!!! But more importantly, she was REALLY surprised when we showed up! There was a JV game at 6:15 and a Varsity game at 7:45. We skipped the JV game, and she assumed that we were not going to come at all. In addition, she did not know that Jeremy was off work that night, so it was a double surprise, AND I made sweet tea for her before we left the house, and brought it to her at the game. So it was a TRIPLE surprise!!!!! We have pictures of her cheering, so when the camera is developed, you'll be seeing those.

Jeremy and I spent an inordinate amount of time joking between ourselves about the other team's cheerleaders. They were pretty funny because they didn't seem to have it together. There were five girls, and no matter what they tried to do, at least one girl would be out of touch. When our team was at their end of the court to make a basket, they all raised their arms and waived their fingers...all but #2 who was busy picking at her fingernails. Later, their team made a basket and they all started a cheer...all but #5 who was tying her shoes. And so on, you get the picture. Maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious to Jeremy and I.

Liberty made friends with the couple behind us on the bleachers, and she managed to spit up all over my sleeve. I'm not sure why she feels compelled to aim for the parts of me that are NOT covered by the spit-up cloth, but she is very talented that way! She must be practicing to become the National Watermelon Seed Spitting Champion.
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