Ah, the winters in Iowa, all snowy and frosty...NOT!

It has been in the high 50's the past few days, and we're all going around in short sleeves!! I'm beginning to wonder if someone bopped me on the head and transported me back to Florida when I wasn't looking. They say we almost broke a record on Thursday.

We're not "Walking in a Winter Wonderland" yet, but I still hope we will have a "White Christmas!"

Kimmie's cheering at a home basketball game tonight, and JEREMY'S OFF OF WORK!!!! So we're planning to surprise her at the game. She asked me this morning if Liberty and I were planning to be at the game, and I tried to give a non-committal, miscellaneous grunt so that I wouldn't lie, but also not ruin the surprise. I LOVE SURPRISES!!!!
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