Well, our toilet is stopped up. It has been since Saturday or Sunday; I can't remember for sure. Thankfully, it's not nasty looking or smelling! But it is very inconvenient, let me tell you! Jeremy and I have faithfully taken turns plunging it two or three times a day to no avail. Jeremy even has this cool plunger (he was so excited about when we first got it, that he ran to show it to one of Kimmie's friends who had come over to spend the night...talk about embarrassing!) Hee-hee!

The plunger is like a bicycle pump fitted with a plunger head. You stick it over the hole in the toilet bowl and then start pumping. It is really cool...as long as I don't have to operate it. Jeremy loves it. And even that is not helping us! I think I'll go buy some Draino, and see what that does. My dad used to have an auger or a snake that he used to un-stop drains. I wonder how much those cost?

So I have two things to be thankful for:
1. The toilet has not yet over-flowed. Although, now that I have said that...will everyone please knock on wood for me after reading this!
2. We have a second bathroom, so we have not had to resort to digging a hole in the backyard for an outhouse yet!

Yay for us!
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